Holiday homes with private pool in France

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The ultimate holiday feeling, your own private pool! Relax in the warm French summer sun and then take a dip in the clear refreshing water.

Your holiday villa in France with private pool

Want to book a holiday villa in France with a private pool? Take a break and enjoy the peace and quiet around you in a luxury holiday home. This sounds like the ultimate dream vacation! We have several parks where some holiday homes have a private swimming pool.

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The advantages of a holiday home with private pool

Of course you can also go on holiday to a holiday park where there is only a communal swimming pool. But both a communal and a private pool has its advantages. What is better than taking a cooling dip in your own pool immediately after your arrival?
You do not have to get up early in the morning to claim a sunbed with your towel in the sun, because there is no one else in the neighborhood. Enjoy the sun and each other or your family without strange people around you.
With a private swimming pool, you are no one a nuisance. The children decide for themselves how many bombs they make. There is no one in the neighborhood with whom they have to take into account, that is the advantage of a holiday home with private pool.
Start the day with a few laps or close it off with relaxed paddling. You are not dependent on opening hours.

Our parks with a private pool

Jardin du Golf Provence

To the park

Vallée de la St. Baume Provence

To the park

Bourg Est - Vigelière Poitou - Charentes

To the park

L'Aveneau - Vieille Vigne Poitou - Charentes

To the park

Château de Salles Gironde - Aquitaine

To the park

Total relaxation together with your partner

Are you going on holiday together with your partner? This is what you are looking for. Those beautiful holiday homes with private pool, plenty of privacy and tranquility. After a day of exploring the area or on the golf course, just nothing, bobbing around in your swimming pool, on an air mattress, a glass of wine in your hands, a sun hat, a book, that is just enjoyment.
Reserve that holiday with much-needed relaxation that you need.

On family holidays: a private pool for the children

Can you give them a greater pleasure than to choose a holiday home with a pool for the holidays? Do not hesitate for a moment, they are jumping to go on vacation. Enjoy playing in and around the water all day long. Just free your hands, just relax at the edge of the pool. As parents, you do deserve a bit of rest. The children have the vacation of their lives and enjoy the water all day long. The parents enjoy themselves twice and also come to rest themselves. That is only a real relaxing holiday!

A holiday home in France with swimming pool is very affordable

It is often thought that this is a degree of luxury that is only reserved for a few people. That is certainly not the case. Just look at the prices. In the spring and autumn there is only a modest surcharge for the swimming pool.

Are you bound to school holidays? Especially at the beginning and end of the summer holidays it is a lot cheaper. And otherwise grandfather and grandmother might be happy with it.

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