A FranceComfort holiday villa as a base for your hiking holiday

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France is also a great destination for hiking enthusiasts. Taking beautiful walks is a great way to discover a popular holiday destination from a different point of view. Walking will lead you to special, unique and surprising places, seen as you never know beforehand what you will encounter and experience.
France has endless hiking possibilities. Whether you want to take an intensive hike through the mountains and untouched nature of France, take a lovely walk on the sandy beaches or explore stunning vineyards, France has it all! It's nice to know that every village in every region in France has clear signs for walkers.

Office du Tourisme walking routes

FranceComfort has holiday parks in Provence, Poitou-Charentes, Dordogne, Languedoc and Aquitaine-Gironde. All these regions offer endless possibilities for holidaymakers who love hiking. You can start your trek from your holiday villa, or you can drive or cycle to a more distant area and start your walk from there.
We would like to encourage you to visit the local Tourist Office before you start your hike. They will be more than happy to give you advice for your walking journey. For free or for a small fee you can follow beautiful walking routes. Getting advice at your local Tourist Office will ensure that you take a beautiful walk and get the most out of the surrounding nature the area has to offer.  

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Walk along vineyards

For wine lovers there are many breath-taking walks in France. FranceComfort has several holiday parks in different regions where grapes used for making wine are grown. Summers in the wine regions are lovely and warm due to their favourable location. But the temperatures are also pleasant during the spring and autumn. These seasons are ideal for walking in the vineyards.
In the vast vineyards the vines are grown in very straight lines and especially in the summer months this is a beautiful sight. The grapes grow and take on beautiful green and blue colours. In the autumn it is wonderful to learn more about how the grapes are harvested. Nowadays the grapes are usually harvested using a machine, but some winegrowers still pick them by hand. Would you like to take a break from your walk and help with picking? This is possible at several wineries. All these destinations are ideal for wine lovers!

Walking through towns and villages

Besides exploring the mountains and nature, walking through picturesque villages and bustling cities are activities you should also embark on. You can easily reach these stunning destinations in the vicinity of our holiday parks. Here too you can vary endlessly between, for example, a day in the region's capital or a shorter walk through a provincial town. You can visit museums, shop in cute boutiques, have lunch at an atmospheric bistro and dine at a Burgundian restaurant.
The Roman remains, medieval buildings and imposing centuries-old streets complete the experience for every walker.