Holiday with the dog

For many dog ​​owners it is important for it to be possible to take their dog with them on vacation.
They believe that because the dog belongs to the family, it should also be allowed to go with
the family on vacation. Dogs enjoy walks through nature or treks through the mountains.
Children also enjoy playing with their dog and have plenty of time to do this during their holiday.

Dogs at our holiday parks in France

In almost all holiday parks of FranceComfort dogs are welcome and in some cases there are even houses especially assigned to dogs. On the contrary there are also houses in our parks where pets, including dogs, are not allowed. Guests who do not want or cannot stay in a holiday home where a dog has lived, due to for example allergies, need to feel safe and know that no dogs have been in these houses.
In some parks there are just a few houses where dogs are permitted, in these cases you must request access for your dog prior to your visit. But it is important, in all cases, for you to indicate when booking a home that you want to bring your dog. We will then ensure that you arrive in a beautiful holiday home that is suitable for dogs.

Rules for the dog during the holidays

The holiday should be a time of enjoyment for all guests. For this reason, rules have been set up. These rules are hung up in your holiday home. A quick summary of these rules shows that most importantly is that your dog should not cause a nuisance and in other words be well-behaved. The dog must always be on a leash, including in the garden, so that it cannot run away. Also ensure that your dog does not cause any unnecessary and loud noise. Try to not leave your dog alone at the holiday home. Your dog is also not allowed on beds, chairs or sofas.

Going to France on vacation, does the dog come with you?

Everyone makes their own considerations on whether or not their dog should come along with them on holiday. It should not only be fun for the owner but more importantly also enjoyable and thus habitable for the dog. Not all dogs are suitable to take with you on holiday. A dog with temperament, physical limitations, or an illness can be a reason to leave him or her at home. If in doubt it may be wise to try it out a holiday with your dog by going somewhere for a weekend in the nearby area. In this way you will immediately know whether your dog can handle longer car journeys. You also need to make sure your dog has had the correct vaccinations and on time.

Holiday parks where the dog is welcome

(at other FranceComfort parks dogs are welcome on request)

Domaine les Forges Poitou - Charentes

Le Lac Bleu Lot - Dordogne

Village des Cigales Dordogne - Lot

L'Espinet Aude - Languedoc

The dog and the climate in France

Out of all people you know your dog best and you also know whether he can withstand the heat. In some cases hot days can be very tiring for a dog. In these situations we strongly advise you to not take him or her with you to warmer regions.

If your dog can withstand heat you must remember to bring water with you on long walks. By the way, in certain parts of France, when walking through nature you need to also pay attention to vipers and ticks. Both of these creatures can be dangerous for you and your dog.

Check the insurance if the dog goes on vacation

Read the conditions of at least two insurance policies: travel insurance and third-party insurance. Health costs abroad of people are often covered by travel insurance, while that of a dog is usually not. In addition, it is nice to know that if your dog damages something in the holiday home, this is covered by your insurance.

With the dog in France to a restaurant

In France, there are certain rules imposed by the government. For example, there is a good chance that dogs may not enter a restaurant with an open kitchen. In addition, you need to realize that during holidays in France people often dine a lot longer in a restaurant than they would do at home. It can then take a very long time and thus your dog can become restless.