Buying a holiday home in France

Own use - Investment - Combination


Negative bank interest or return + vacation...?

Are you looking for an alternative that provides certainty and an attractive return? Invest in your own holiday home, a very popular investment at this moment of time!

No worries surrounding your investment? that is the same mentality that FranceComfort Holiday resorts has: we manage and rent out your Holiday home for you. At the end of the year you will receive a transparent settlement and your return.

You can even choose to receive a fixed return

These are the two parks where you can currently buy a stunning holiday home

Go to the information page of the park to read more information on:

  • The purchase price (from € 139.000)
  • Holiday homes with private pool
  • The Lots
  • The park costs (these are included with a fixed return)

Domaine de Lanzac

Village des Cigales