Holiday parks with a restaurant

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France is the land of good food and fine wines. In the touristic regions where our FranceComfort holiday parks are located, there are numerous restaurants, often of good quality. There is also a restaurant directly on-site at many of our parks. The quality of the food is so good that even the local French visit these restaurants for a bite to eat. This is the best possible proof of the high quality.

What is most important during your vacation?

What do you instantly think about when someone mentions they are going on vacation to France? The beautiful nature? The warm rays of sunshine? The picturesque villages? The vast vineyards?

Can you  guess what most of our guests say when we ask them this exact question? It’s the great food which attracts them to France!

All these delicacies are prepared for you at our parks.

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How wonderful it is to start the day by enjoying an extensive breakfast together with your loved ones. A basket full of freshly baked croissants, pains au chocolat and baguettes. A bowl of confiture, or would you rather have jambon and fromage? A fresh glass of orange juice followed by une tasse de café. What a great way to start your day!


Are you going for an extensive lunch like the French? Or will it be a light salad so that you can dine extensively in the evening? In both cases, une bouteille de vin is opened and we ensure to enjoy every single drop of it.


But then dinner! Plenty of choices. Of course first an apero. Will it be meat or fish? and the appetizer? Difficult to choose, it all tastes so good! And then that variety of desserts.

There are restaurants at various FranceComfort parks. Make sure you take time to enjoy all these goodies!

Village des Cigales

Domaine de Lanzac


Château de Salles

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