Holiday homes with air conditioning

Vakantie Frankrijk airco zweten vakantiehuis.jpg

France is a very popular holiday destination among loads of different types and groups of people. Every year many go there to enjoy the nature, the villages, the sea or the mountains, the French atmosphere and of course the sun!
It is great to have the certainty that the weather will be nice during your holidays, which is nearly always the case in France, to get away from it all and relax.

Holiday home in France with air conditioning

Temperatures can rise considerably in the summer. Therefore it is great if you are located on the beach and by the sea or you can dive into a swimming pool. If you walk through a village you occasionally look for shade or order a cold beer or something refreshing on a covered terrace.
For a good night's sleep it is ideal if it is a bit cooler. It is a highyly enjoyable if you can switch on air conditioning just before bedtime and then to go to bed in a cooled bedroom. You and your children get up fully rested the next day and you can start enjoying a new holiday again.

Holiday parks with air conditioning in various houses

View the parks below that have holiday homes with air conditioning.

Village des Cigales


Vallée de la Ste. Baume

Le Lac Bleu