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Arrival and departure

What are the arrival and departure days?
You can only arrive at most parks in high season and leave on Saturday. Outside the high season on almost every day. In the calendar that is displayed when booking you can see the exact arrival days and departure days. If you want to arrive and / or leave on another day, please contact us, preferably by email:

What are the arrival and departure times?
We expect you between 16.00 and 19.00. If you wish to come outside these times, we would like to hear from you. We are happy to say goodbye between 8.30 and 10.00 am.

Where can I find the route description?
You will find a map of the area around the park at each park at the bottom of the page. There is a link to an interactive route description. If we have your e-mail address you will receive our welcome e-mail 2 weeks before arrival with detailed directions for the last part of your trip. You will also receive the other information.

Can I use the facilities on the day of arrival and departure?
Yes, that is allowed. However, you must first register at the reception on arrival.


Are the properties all the same?
The interior is the same for most accommodations, but not in all cases. However, the level is the same. The photos on the website can therefore deviate from the actual layout.

With how many people can I make maximum use of the accommodation?
The description of the accommodation indicates how many people the accommodation is suitable for. This number corresponds to the number of beds available in the accommodation and is the maximum number of people allowed. Due to safety regulations, it is not allowed for more people to stay at the property. No extra beds / camping beds / air mattresses can therefore be added.
Children up to and including 2 years old are accepted as an extra person. The child must then sleep in a cot.

Can we book a specific bungalow or villa?
You can indicate your preference when making your reservation. We will do our best but can not guarantee that you will receive it.

Are there accommodations suitable for asthma / COPD patients?
The floors of all houses usually have tiles. In most houses pets are not allowed and smoking is not allowed. Please indicate when you want such a house when booking.

Are there accommodations specially designed for disabled / disabled people?
There are no accommodations on the park that are specifically designed for disabled people. However, all parks are houses that are ground level and have no or hardly any thresholds. Please indicate when you want such a house when booking.

Are there non-smoking accommodations in the park?
Our houses are all non-smoking. Unfortunately, we can not guarantee that your accommodation is 100% smoke-free. This is based on the confidence that the non-smoking rule will be observed by guests who have been to you.

Is bed linen mandatory?
Bed linen is mandatory in almost all parks. In the description of the houses you will see the additional costs. It is possible to replace bed linen in the meantime.

Are there towel packs / kitchen towel packages available?
These are not standard but can be ordered during your booking or afterwards or during your stay to pick up at the reception.

Do all houses of a certain type have the same facilities?
Yes, the level of equipment is in principle the same for each park at each park.

Can we clean the accommodation ourselves?
In most cases the final cleaning is mandatory. The costs can be seen in the description of a house.


How can I cancel my holiday?
You can contact the reception by email for cancellation of your reservation and provide the reason for cancellation. Then it is checked whether you will receive a part of your payment back. For further information, please refer to the General Terms and Conditions which also contain the cancellation conditions.

Is it possible to take out cancellation insurance?
In principle you always have the possibility to take out cancellation insurance yourself. This is not (yet) possible via FranceComfort.

What are the costs of a cancellation insurance?
The costs and premiums vary per provider. On the internet, you can search for "cancellation insurance" and take out one online yourself.

What are the cancellation conditions?
Look at the bottom of the homepage to the general conditions in which the cancellation conditions are included.


Can I pay the total amount on arrival?
No, you can pay directly online when making the booking.

Am I required to make a down payment?
Within 3 days after the booking date you must pay the deposit of 40% of the total amount. For actions or offers, the entire amount is invoiced in one go.

Will I receive a confirmation when my payment has arrived?
Yes, one day after the administration has processed your payment, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. You can also track your payments in your own account that you can create.

What payment options are there?
You can pay online.

Can I request a deferred payment or pay in installments?
No, in principle not. Contact us to discuss.

When do I have to pay my reservation?
The deposit (40% of total amount) must be paid within 3 days after the booking date. The final payment (60% of total amount) must be paid 6 weeks before arrival.

Is a deposit required upon arrival?
Yes, a deposit is required for all parks on arrival. Look for the height at the description of the houses. This deposit must be booked with your credit card upon arrival or paid by debit card. You can also pay in cash.

When will I receive my deposit back?
If the property is left in accordance with the guidelines, the reservation / security deposit will be released / refunded to your account within two weeks. In case of breakage (inventory) or other damage or excessive pollution, part of the deposit will be retained.

What are the additional (mandatory) costs on top of the rental price?
Look for an overview of all additional (mandatory) costs in the description of the house.


Is there internet available?
At all our parks there is internet.

Is there a supermarket in the area?
The nearest supermarket is a 5-10 minute drive from the parks. At a quarter of an hour the usual shops are available.

Is there a bread service at the park?
A bakery service is available at various parks, so you can have fresh local sandwiches every morning in mid and high season. Look at the various parks at the facilities. A local baker is present at all parks at about 5-10 minutes drive.

Is there a swimming pool and tennis court in the park?
Yes, at almost all parks there are one or more swimming pools and a tennis court. Look for this at the park facilities.

Is it possible to park the car at the accommodation?
This is possible in most cases. Not in some parks. There you can park your car in the central parking lot. Of course you can bring groceries to your house.

What facilities are there at the park and who is allowed to use it?
The parks have various facilities. Look at the relevant park at facilities. Only you as a guest may use the facilities.


What are the options for renting child items?
You can rent a high chair, baby bed and other things. You will see the prices when you make a draft booking. Children up to 2 years can sleep in a cot. Children from 3 years old sleep in a large bed.

Is there an animation team present?
During the high season there is an animation team at various parks. This is stated in the facilities.

Discounts and offers

How can I use a discount?
The discount is calculated automatically when you make a (draft) booking.

How do I stay up to date with current offers and Last-Minutes?
You can be kept up to date by signing up for the newsletter. This is sent several times a year. In addition, we also mention nice promotions on our Facebook page.


How can I subscribe and unsubscribe from the newsletter?
You can subscribe to the newsletter on the homepage.
Do you want to unsubscribe from the newsletter? Then click on the link that you find at the bottom of each newsletter.

How is it possible that I do not receive the newsletter while I have signed up?
The newsletter is sent several times a year. So it may take some time before you receive the 1st. However, something may have gone wrong in the system. If you notice this, please contact us at

How can I change my data for the newsletter?
You can change your data by emailing your old and new data to:


What are the general terms and conditions of FranceComfort?
The General Terms and Conditions are on our website. A reference to the General Terms and Conditions can be found at the bottom of the homepage.

Does a park have room for meetings or events?
Some parks have special facilities for meetings or group trips. You can see this at the facilities. For company outings or events, please contact us.

Are pets welcome?
In almost all parks, a few houses are reserved for a dog (max. 2). A surcharge applies to pets that you see when you make a booking. You must indicate when booking if you want to bring a pet. At the park, dogs must be kept on a leash. There are special house rules for pets which are handed over on arrival.

Can the barbecue be on?
This is permitted in virtually all parks. On some only electric barbecues due to fire hazard. At some parks there are centrally organized barbecues.

When are the school holidays and public holidays?
On the website of the National Government you can check when the schools in your region are vacationing. Always check the dates for the school holidays at your educational institution. Some data are only advice data. Schools can therefore deviate from this if they wish.

To reserve

I made an online reservation. Is this now definitive?
Yes, the booking is final.

If I book via the internet, how do I pay?
You can pay online.

I have already made a reservation, but I want to book additional items. How do I do this?
You can do this yourself in your account.

What happens to my personal details?
Your personal data will not be made available to third parties and will remain with FranceComfort. Look at the bottom of the homepage for our privacy statement.

Can I take an option on a reservation?
You can request an option by telephone or e-mail. The duration of an option will be determined by the reception and will depend on the number of available accommodations.

Is it possible to reserve several accommodations (next to each other)?
It is possible (based on availability) to reserve accommodations next to each other. Please contact us at to reserve several accommodations (next to each other).

Can I change my reservation?
The reservation made by you is final. If you want to make changes, such as the period of stay or extending the period of stay, re-ordering items such as towels or children's furniture, you must contact us. In some cases, modification costs are charged.

Buying a holiday home

Is it possible to buy a home in one of the parks?
Regularly there are houses for sale. Ask us via the mail to the current data.