Terms & conditions


  1. By booking a Holiday Home of FranceComfort, the Tenant agrees to the provisions in these terms and conditions unless agreed otherwise in writing.
  2. On behalf of the Owner(s) and/or Manager on site, FranceComfort is authorized to rent out the Holiday Home.  
  3. FranceComfort obliges herself through a Rental Agreement to make the Holiday Home available to the Tenant, in accordance to the description on the website.   
  4. The information presented on FranceComfort’s website has been compiled with care. It is possible that due to circumstances the description and/or pictures presented no longer fully correspond with the current situation. The furnishing of the Holiday Home could, for example, be slightly different then to what is shown on the website. Many houses are privately owned, so there are differences between them. No rights can therefore be derived from photos. The distances mentioned on the website are listed approximately. FranceComfort or the Manager cannot be held accountable for this.
  5. The Tenants and Fellow Traveller(s) personal data is needed by FranceComfort for the conclusion of the Rental Agreement and correct execution of the Rental Agreement. FranceComfort states how your data is handled in its privacy statement, which you can find on the website.
  6. All rental prices and costs mentioned, as mentioned on the FranceComfort Website, are always in euro’s and include VAT. If you pay in a different currency, the price difference due to the exchange rate is for your account.


The following terms have been used in the Terms and Conditions.

  1. Holiday Home: A holiday home offered for rent by FranceComfort, intended for recreational use.
  2. Rental Agreement/ Booking: An agreement between FranceComfort and the Tenant.
  3. FranceComfort: Vacation rental provider.
  4. Tenant: The person who rents or intends to rent a holiday home provided by FranceComfort.
  5. Co-Tenant: Person travelling with the Tenant who makes use of the rented Holiday Home and thereby accepts the Terms and Conditions.
  6. Manager: An organization or contact person chosen by FranceComfort who performs on-site management and service tasks on behalf of FranceComfort such as , key address, cleaning, maintenance and receives the payments on site from the Tenant which are still set to be paid according to the booking.
  7. Rent: The Rent of the Holiday Home.
  8. Total Amount: The Rent plus any other amounts owed as mandatory and optional additional costs.
  9. Written communication/ announcements: messages sent by post as well as by mail.  
  10. Reservation request/ Booking: The request made by the Tenant to FranceComfort to reserve a Holiday Home during a specific period.
  11. Booking confirmation: the confirmation of the Rental Agreement sent by FranceComfort to the Tenant.
  12. Website: FranceComfort ’s website with internet address www.francecomfort.com.


  1. These Terms and Conditions apply to all offers, quotations, reservations, agreements and services provided with regards to all Holiday Homes, services, activities and facilities, which are rented out by FranceComfort or to her affiliates.
  2. The Terms and Conditions are an integral part of the Rental Agreement between FranceComfort and the Tenant.
  3. Deviating Terms and Conditions apply after explicit acceptance in writing thereof by FranceComfort. Oral agreements and/or promises made by FranceComfort employees are only valid if confirmed in writing by FranceComfort.
  4. The Terms and Conditions apply to a Rental Agreement or a booking and stay at a FranceComfort park, regardless of (prior) references made by the Tenant to any own Terms and Conditions or other terms and conditions. FranceComfort rejects all other Terms and Conditions referred to or used by the Tenant.
  5. By placing a Reservation Request (via telephone or by ticking the statement of agreement on the website), the Tenant agrees to the additional Terms and Conditions.



  1. FranceComfort has an online bookings option, displayed on the website. The online bookings portal has a search function, an extensive presentation of the Holiday Homes, images, availability, prices and the option to send a Reservation Request.
  2. The information about the Holiday Homes on the Website has been compiled with the greatest possible care. Due to circumstances the description and photos may differ slightly from the current situation. For example, the outdoor pool could be closed during the winter, there could  be a different sofa in the Holiday Home or the bakery may be a little further away than expected. As long as these differences aren’t significant, FranceComfort cannot be held liable for this.

Booking Conditions

  1. The Tenant must be at least 18 years of age at the time of booking. Bookings made by people under the age of 18 are not valid.
  2. All correspondence is conducted via the address of the Tenant.
  3. The Tenant is responsible and liable for all Co-Tenants.
  4. FranceComfort is specialised in family holidays, groups of young people are therefore not allowed.
  5. FranceComfort has the right to cancel the Rental Agreement with immediate effect at any time  if the personal details given by the Tenant and/or Co-Tenants are provided incorrectly when booking. In such a situation, no refund of the Total Amount ,or part of it, can be made.  
  6. FranceComfort reserves the right to refuse a booking without stating the reasons behind this choice, or to impose special conditions on a booking, even if the desired object is still available in the desired period.

Reservation request

  1. If the booking is made, it will be finalized as soon as the Reservation Request has been received by FranceComfort (via the internet or by telephone) and the booking has been confirmed in writing to the Tenant through a booking confirmation.
  2. When sending a Reservation Request, FranceComfort has arranged the request in such a way that the Tenant is informed before placing the reservation Request that he/she is entering an agreement from his/her side.

Booking Confirmation

  1. If FranceComfort agrees to the Reservation request by sending a Booking Confirmation , the Rental Agreement is definitely concluded and the Tenant has therefore definitely booked the Holiday Home.
  2. A right of withdrawal does not legally apply to travel agreements. The concluded Rental Agreement can therefore not be revoked with the exception of abidance to the applicable cancellation conditions.
  3. If the Tenant has not received a Booking Confirmation 5 days after submitting his/her Reservation Request, he/she must contact FranceComfort.
  4. FranceComfort charges an administration cost for the conclusion of this Rental Agreement. These charges are stated separately in the offers on the Website, in the booking process and on the confirmation. In the case of cancellation or rebooking, the administration costs are non-refundable.
  5. The Booking Confirmation must immediately be checked for correctness upon receipt by the Tenant. Possible or alleged inaccuracies must be reported immediately and must always be made known through writing up to 10 days after the date of the booking confirmation and before  the start of the rental period.
  6. The Rental Agreement between the Tenant and FranceComfort concerns the rental of Holiday Homes, services, activities and/ or facilities and is by nature short-term.


  1. The Booking confirmation shows the specified Total Amount to be paid to FranceComfort as well as the payment terms.
  2. In some cases the additional costs must be paid to FranceComfort, in other cases these costs must be paid on the spot. This differs and thus depends on the park. In all cases this has been clearly indicated on the Website before the booking is definitely made.   
  3. Payment terms:
    1. If the booking takes place more than 6 weeks before the arrival date, a deposit of 40% must be paid within three days of receiving the Booking Confirmation. Six weeks prior to arrival the balance (the rest) must be paid.
    2. If the booking is made less than 6 weeks prior to arrival, 100% of the Total Amount must be paid within three days.
  4. The deposit is owed directly after receiving the Booking Confirmation.
  5. If the required payment is not made on time, FranceComfort has the right to cancel the booked Holiday Home. Payments already made will not be paid back. The Tenant is responsible for all damages FranceComfort suffers or will suffer from as a result of this, including all costs FranceComfort has had to make in connection with the booking and dissolution thereof. The terms of cancellation remain in full force.
  6. FranceComfort reserves the right to hand over the claim for collection. All judiciary and extrajudicial costs, as well as the statutory interest, will then be recovered from the Tenant.  
  7. If upon arrival at the park it turns out that the Total Amount has not been (fully) paid yet, the Tenant must pay (the remainder of) the amount on site. In the absence of payment in accordance with the above, FranceComfort can deny the Tenant the use of their booked Holiday Home. If it turns out later that a payment order had been given by the Tenant, but the amount had not yet been given to France Comfort’s bank account on arrival, the excess amount paid will be refunded after their stay.

Arrival and departure

  1. The Tenant receives a mail two weeks prior to arrival containing the address of the park, a route description, the contact details of the parks Manger and practical information about the Holiday Home.
  2. The arrival and departure days may differ per park. When booking on the Website, it is only possible to book the listed arrival and departure days for the relevant park.
  3. The tenant must adhere to the arrival and departure as stated on the Website and shown in the travel information.
  4. Arrivals at almost all parks are possible between 16.00 and 19.00 and the departure between 8.00 and 10.00.
  5. If the Tenant has a complaint or if damage if found upon arrival, this must be reported to the Manager immediately.
  6. If the Tenant has not left the Holiday Home during the designated time, an additional fee of at least € 50 per hour that the Tenant leaves late, can be charged.
  7. If arrival between 16.00 and 19.00 is not possible, the Tenant must consult the manger in advance. Any costs arriving from deviating times of arrival or departure will be for the Tenant to pay.
  8. If during the outward journey it is not possible to arrive on time due to, for example, traffic jams, the Tenant must inform the Manager immediately.
  9. The deposit must be paid on arrival, when completing this the Tenant receives the keys to the Holiday Home.
  10. If the Tenant arrives later or leaves earlier, there is no right to refund (or part of) the Total Amount.


  1. The Tenant must behave as a good Tenant and treat other people’s properties with respect. The residence regulations must be complied with.
  2. The Holiday Home will only be used in accordance with the instructions provided by the Owner, Manager and/or FranceComfort.
  3. The Tenants and those registered as Co-Tenants are the only people permitted to stay in the booked Holiday Home, unless the Tenant has booked on behalf of a third party through a legal power of attorney approved by FranceComfort.
  4. It is not allowed to let more people stay in the Holiday Home than the maximum number of people indicated by FranceComfort for the home. If you do wish to come with more people than indicated for a certain type of home, you must ask permission prior you your stay. Additional costs may be charged after written approval of your request. The Owner is in other cases entitled to refuse the additional Co-Tenants access to the Holiday Home.
  5. It is not allowed to receive visitors or let them stay overnight without prior approval from FranceComfort or the Manager.
  6. The damage suffered due to the violation of foregoing provisions, is fixed in advance to €150 per day per person, for the number of people who exceed the maximum number of people permitted. This provision is a penalty within the meaning of the law and is without prejudice to FranceComfort’s right to demand dissolution and/or compliance and/or additional compensation of any kind.
  7. The Tenant must personally stay in the Holiday Home during the rental period. It is not permitted, without explicit approval from FranceComfort, to conclude a Rental Agreement exclusively for other users.
  8. If the Manager seriously suspects that the Tenant is acting in any way that violates the law and/or public order and/or morality, the Manager is authorized to gain access to the Holiday Home.
  9. It is not allowed to place a tent, caravan or camper on the grounds of the Holiday Home without consultation and permission from FranceComfort.
  10. It is not permitted to use or connect items with a high charging demand such as, but not limited to, air conditioning, e-bikes and electric cars, unless stated otherwise in the Rental Agreement or after explicit permission from the Owner.
  11. It is not allowed to smoke or use drugs in the Holiday Home.
  12. It is only permitted to use the Holiday Home for commercial purposes such as photo or video reports after written permission from FranceComfort and under certain conditions. This also applies to hosting private parties such as weddings and receptions.
  13. If the Tenant (or any Co-Tenants/ Fellow Travellers) participate in action contrary to the foregoing (even is this only happens temporarily), FranceComfort is entitled to terminate the Rental Agreement with immediate effect. In that case, the Tenant is not entitled to a refund of the Total amount and/or compensation. The Tenant will also lose the deposit. This deposit will accrue to FranceComfort to cover the damaged suffered or lost rental income due to this event. The Tenant indemnifies FranceComfort against all their claims that the Owner may make in this regard.


Cancellation by the Tenant :

The Tenant can cancel the Rental Agreement or designate another Tenant at any time, provided this is done in writing/ by email and is confirmed in writing by FranceComfort.


  1. The Tenant has the right to cancel with due observance of the applicable cancellation conditions. In the event of cancellation the Tenant owes FranceComfort the following:
    1. Cancellation after conclusion for the Rental Agreement: 40% of the Total Amount.
    2. Cancelation between 14 and 42 days prior to arrival: 90% of the Total Amount.
    3. Cancellation during the 14 days prior to arrival: 100% of the Total Amount.
  2.  Money already paid will be settled with the cancellation costs that still need to be paid. If none of the Total Amount has been paid yet, the cancellation costs mentioned above will be charged. The cancellation costs mentioned above must be paid to FranceComfort within 14 days of the invoice date.
  3. A cancellation that has been confirmed by FranceComfort is definitive and cannot be revoked.
  4. If the Tenant has not arrived without any notice within 24 hours after the agreed arrival date, this will be considered as a ’no show’ resp. as cancellation.  
  5. At the request of the Tenant, FranceComfort can draw up a cancellation invoice for the benefit of the Tenant’s cancellation insurance.

Replacement Tenant

  1. The Tenant can designate replacement Tenant provided the replacement Tenant meets the applicable age requirements etc.
  2. If a replacement Tenant arrives, he/she and the original Tenant are both liable for the payment of the (remaining) rent and any additional amounts/costs, unless a completely new Rental Agreement is drawn up under the name of the new Tenant.

Cancellation by FranceComfort:

FranceComfort is entitled to the right to change or dissolve the rental Agreement with immediate effect and to consider it dissolved  in one of the following cases:

  1. If the Tenant, even after a reminder, has not adhered to the payment terms. FranceComfort may charge the cancellation costs to the Tenant. After cancellation of the Rental Agreement, other Tenants will be able to book the Holiday Home and FranceComfort can no longer guarantee the availability of the Holiday Home to the original Tenant.
  2. If FranceComfort is not in possession of the Total Amount on the day of arrival, FranceComfort has the right to deny the Tenant access to the Holiday Home, without prejudice to FranceComfort’s right to full payment of the Total Amount
  3. If the rental conditions are not or not fully complied with. The Tenant will continue to owe the Total Amount.
  4. If there are behavioural problems/reasons. FranceComfort can terminate the Rental Agreement without due observance of a notice period if the Tenant and/or Co-Tenant(s), despite a reminder, continuously cause disruption during their stay, does not behave as good Tenant, causes serious nuisance to fellow guests and/or the environment or behaves contrary to the agreement in such a way that immediate dissolution of the agreement is justified. This is also the case if, for example, the lives of other people are put in danger. In these cases, the Total Amount will be forfeited.
  5. As a result of force majeure such as (but not limited to) war, a natural disaster, floods, extraordinary weather, fire, strikes, death of an owner, unannounced sale and/or use of the Holiday Home by the new Owners, due to serious circumstances (serious circumstances are circumstances that are of such a nature that further binding between FranceComfort and the agreement cannot be achieved). The Rental Agreement can, in these cases, be cancelled without compensation.
  6. In the event of FranceComfort being affected by extremely unlikely and special circumstances that make it impossible to continue to implement the concluded Rental Agreement (the booking made), such as, but not limited to, a pandemic, a flood and/or other epidemics, FranceComfort is entitled to dissolve the concluded agreement with immediate effect, without the Tenant being entitled to compensation for the costs they have already incurred
  7. In the case of the price being listed wrongfully. If a Holiday Home is priced so low that even the Tenant may question the price, this is seen as an obvious, innocent mistake. Obvious implausible mistakes or errors in pricing give FranceComfort the right to adjust the agreement accordingly or to cancel the booking. In this case, the Tenant must take initiative to inquire whether the price stated by FranceComfort is correct. If the adjustment is not accepted by the Tenant, he/she has the right to cancel the booking free of charge.

If there is no question of negligence or culpable behaviour on the Tenants part, FranceComfort will make a proposal to the Tenant as soon as possible in the form of an alternative offer of a Holiday Home. If this is not possible, or if the Tenant does not accept the alternative offered, FranceComfort has the right to dissolve the rental Agreement with immediate effect and the Total Amount will be refunded pro rata. Any other damage as a results of the cancellation or modification will not be compensated by FranceComfort. The Tenant waives any further rights.  


  1. Pets are only welcome if stated in the description or per request.
  2. A fee per day per pet must be paid as stated/described on the website.
  3. The number of pets listed on the Booking Confirmation may not be exceeded.
  4. In all other cases, pets are not welcome and a fine of €150,00 is charged per day per pet. In addition, FranceComfort has the right to claim compliance and/or any additional compensation.
  5. In Holiday Homes where dogs and other pets are welcome, the following rules apply, but are not limited to: Pets are not allowed on the furniture and/or in the bedroom(s) or in the swimming pool. If this does happen, or if any other rules stated by FranceComfort are broken, additional costs may be charged.
  6. Pets are not allowed access to the water features, pools, restaurants, terraces, indoor centre facilities and other public places on the holiday park (unless indicated otherwise).
  7. Pets must be kept on a leash outside of the Holiday Home.
  8. Directions given on site must be followed. The pets can not cause any inconveniences to the other guests.
  9. If pets are taken without FranceComfort’s permission, FranceComfort have the right to demand the animals removal and/or charge a double nightly rate.
  10. Exotic animals, fighting and guard gods are prohibited in FranceComfort’s park and in the Holiday Homes.
  11. For the transport of animals to countries in the EU it is necessary for the animals to be in possession of a passport and vaccination booklet according to the European regulations. The animals must be vaccinated against rabies and identification by means of a chip or tattoo is mandatory. It is your own responsibility to have the correct travel documents.
  12. Visitors’ pets are not allowed.
  13. If pets are allowed, the Tenant is liable for any damage or mess caused by their pets.


  1. In almost all holiday accommodations FranceComfort offers the usage of WIFI/Internet.
  2. This option is always exclusively meant for recreational use and this offer is never part of the essentials of the Rental Agreement. FranceComfort cannot guarantee the working, capacity and stability of this WIFI/Internet connection, even if the website indicated that the Holiday Home will have this. FranceComfort and/or the Owner can therefore not be held accountable for the (temporary) absence or non-functioning of an internet connection/ WIFI.
  3. If the Tenant is dependent on the internet (for his/her work), the Tenant must bring his/her own bundle of gigabytes. 4G is accessible almost everywhere.
  4. The Tenant is responsible for the correct use of the internet as well as the necessary software, configuration, peripheral equipment and connection to support it and measures to protect the computer or operating system.  
  5. FranceComfort is not held responsible for damages as a result of the use of the internet or as a results of malfunctions in the network.  
  6. The Tenant and the Co-Tenants are expected to behave as a responsible and careful internet user and must respect the legal rules. He/she will refrain from behaviour that hinders other internet uses and/or causes damage to FranceComfort in the broadest sense of the word.
  7. It is prohibited to download illegal films and/or music from your Holiday Home. If internet in France is uses for the downloading or sharing of illegal downloads, the Tenant risks getting a fine of ca. € 1.500 (€ 7.500 for legal entities). If FranceComfort is approached and/or fined for this by inspection authorities, FranceComfort will pass this fine on to the Tenant whereby all additional costs are for the Tenant to pay. France puts more energy into this issue than the UK does.
  8. In the event of detection or suspicion of any inconveniences caused by third parties and/or internet abuse by the Tenant/Co-tenants/guests, FranceComfort has the right to block access to the Internet partially or fully, without further notice.
  9. The Tenant indemnifies FranceComfort against claims by third parties for compensation for damage that these third parties could (or attempt to) recover from FranceComfort in any way, if this claim is based on internet use of a Tenant/Co-Tenants/guests.


  1. On arrival of the Tenant, the Holiday Home must be clean. If on arrival this seems not to be the case, the Tenant must report this immediately to the Manager. The Manager will then try and solve the claim as fast as possible to his/her best ability.
  2. After the Tenants departure, the Holiday Home will be cleaned by the Manager. The costs of this are known before the tenant books the Holiday Home and are paid to FranceComfort or paid ,on arrival, to the manager.
  3. Before his/her departure the Tenant should leave the Holiday Home behind in a fairly clean state without any damages and must also carry out a basic clean. Such a basic clean consists of the following:
    1. The items in and around the Holiday Home must be put back in the places they found in upon arrival.
    2. Crockery (cutlery, china , dishes etc)  must be washed and put back in there designated places.
    3. Cleaning the kitchen.
    4. Emptying and cleaning the dishwasher and the fridge/freezer.
    5. Removal of all food waste and other waste.
    6. Take off the sheets etc from the beds.
    7. Vaccuming all rooms.
    8. If present, the barbecue, microwave and oven must be cleaned.
  4. If the basic cleaning has not been carried out properly the Manager is authorized to withhold (a part) of the deposit or request a fee.


  1. The Tenant is obligated to treat the Holiday Home and its contents with the greatest of care.
  2. It could, however, happen that the Tenant or Co-Tenants cause damage in or around the Holiday Home. In this case we kindly request you to report the damage to the Manager and FranceComfort as soon as possible, so that none of the parties are faced with surprises later during the stay.
  3. The tenant is liable for any possible damages.
  4. The Tenant and the Co-Tenant are both liable for all loses and/or damages that arise for FranceComfort, the park, the Holiday Home (including its contents) and/or any third party as a direct or indirect consequence of their stay. This is regardless of whether these losses/damages were caused by themselves or by third parties who were on the park due to the Tenants or co-Tenants. The Tenant and Co-Tenants are also responsible for all damages caused by any animal and/or object in their possession.
  5. Any damage must be reported immediately to the Manager by the Tenant and must be reimbursed on the spot.
  6. The Tenant is also liable for any additional costs such as electricity costs.
  7. The Tenant must take out his/her own insurance that covers any possible damages he/she causes. If FranceComfort requests to see proof of this, the Tenant must be able to immediately provide a copy of the relevant insurance policy.
  8. In case of incorrect use of the Holiday Home (and its contents) or if the Holiday Home has not been left behind in a proper state, all additional costs may be charged to the Tenant. All related (collection) costs mentioned in the booking confirmation are fully covered by the Tenant.


  1. In all cases the Tenant must pay a deposit on arrival to the Manager, after which he/she gains access to the Holiday Home.
  2. Preferably this payment is done by means of a reservation on the Tenant’s credit card. If this is not possible however, the Tenant can also pay through an actual payment (i.e. Cash).
  3. The amount of deposit required to gain access to the Holiday Home varies per Holiday Hoe mand is mentioned on the website.
  4. The deposit must be paid in cash on arrival at a number of Holiday Homes and will be refunded by the Manager when departing, after any possible deductions of additional costs due to for example damage caused by the Tenant. The cash payment is stated on the website for the relevant houses.
  5. The deposit serves as a certainty for possible damages or any extra costs required to be paid by the Tenant (i.e. Extra cleaning costs, costs for damages, more people staying at the Holiday Home then permitted, serious noise pollution, etc.).
  6. If the Holiday Home is left behind in a clean state, no damage has been done and if the Tenant has fulfilled all his/her obligations, the deposit, unless agreed otherwise, will be released to the Tenant’s credit card or refunded no later than 14 days after the end of the rental period. In the event of an actual payment, the Tenant must give his Iban number, on which the deposit can be refunded, to the administrator.
  7. In the event of damage and/or loss to the rented Holiday Home, and/or in the event of additional costs made by the Tenant, the total damage will be deducted from the deposit. If the damage, loss and/or costs are higher than what has been paid as a deposit, the Tenant is obliged to pay the remainder immediately to FranceComfort. In cases of breakage, loss and/or damage to the rented property, this must be reported immediately to the Manager and the damage must be compensated.

Private swimming pools

  1. Private swimming pools can generally be used from the beginning of May to the end of September.
  2. The owner is responsible for providing the correct protection for the pool, this protection must be in accordance with legal regulations.
  3. Children under the age of 14 are only permitted to use the swimming pool under the supervision of an adult, whereby its mandatory for the children to wear a life jacket.
  4. Security may never be seen as a substitute for parental supervision of their children. The Owner, FranceComfort or the Manager are not liable for accidents that  happen in a swimming pool belonging to a Holiday Home. The Tenant must check the functioning and measures of security of the pool upon arrival and immediately report any defects or damages to the Manager.
  5. Accidents resulting from the Tenant disabling the security or leaving the swimming pool unattended are the sole responsibility of the Tenant.
  6. The Tenant must constantly supervise the swimming pool if the security has been disabled temporarily (removing the tarpaulin, opening in the fence, disabling the alarm). The Tenant must also enable the swimming pools security when the Tenant and Co-Tenants are not present in the Holiday Home. The Tenant is also responsible for any accidents involving third parties (neighbours’ children, etc.). The Tenant agrees to this by signing for this upon arrival at the park.
  7. The Tenant is not allowed to operate the technical installation of the swimming pool himself. If there are problems with the pool (i.e. the swimming pool turns green, the purification installation  or heating isn’t functioning properly), the Tenant must immediately report these issues to the Manager, so that any (further) damage can be prevented.
  8. FranceComfort can never guarantee the water temperature in the swimming pools, even if indicated on the website that swimming pool heating is available at the Holiday Home. The  Tenant and/or Fellow Traveller(s) cannot charge FranceComfort due to the (temporary) inability to use the swimming pool as a result of a too low water temperature.


  1. In Holiday Homes with a garden or a private swimming pool, regular maintenance is required. For swimming pools this is 1 to 2 times a week and for the garden it is once a week. The Tenant must give the maintenance people full access to the Holiday Home and its garden, if necessary.  
  2. It is strictly forbidden for the Tenant or Co-Tenants to operate the pump and filter system of the swimming pool and, if present, the automatic irrigation system in the garden.


  1. The Tenant is advised to take out cancellation and travel insurance.
  2. The Tenant must be in possession of a valid Legal Liability Insurance, at the start of his/her stay at the Holiday Home.

Passport and Health Regulations

  1. The Tenant and Co-Tenants are responsible for organising their journey to and from the park.
  2. The Tenant is responsible for complying with the applicable domestic and foreign entry and exit regulations, health regulations, passport regulations and regulations for importing pets.
  3. Travel and safety information, travel regulations, heath information and the like can be found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In addition to this, the Tenant and the Co-Tenants can obtain any necessary information from their responsible embassies/consulates.
  4. FranceComfort  does not accept any liability regarding the consequences of not being in possession of the correct travel documents. Negligence to this ( being in the possession the correct travel documents) is not a valid reason to dissolve the agreement between the Tenant and FranceComfort.
  5. All fines incurred by the Tenant or Co-Tenant (including guests they are responsible for) as a results of not complying with these regulations, this includes the payment of cancellation costs, are for the Tenant to pay.

Photos and video's

  1. FranceComfort takes photos and videos on the parks for commercial use.
  2. Extras are asked written permission in advance.
  3. If a Tenant, Co-Tenant or guest happens to be in a photo or video , his/her consent for using these images and videos in a publication and/or on the site are presumed. Even if the person in question is recognisable on the photo or video. No rights can be derived from the images or videos published in FranceComfort publications and/or places on the site.


  1. Use of (all) facilities is as own risk.
  2. The description of the Holiday Home on the website, contains all information regarding the facilities offered at a certain park. FranceComfort cannot guarantee that these facilities are always open. Predominantly outside the high season, it could be the case that certain facilities are closed. In some cases facilities offered with a Holiday Home are leased to third parties, in this case FranceComfort and/or the Manager have no influence on the opening and closing times of the regarding facilities. This could be the case for a restaurant, bar, swimming pool, supermarket and animation. This also applies to the listed facilities in the area such as supermarkets, swimming pools, attractions, the golf course, tennis courts etc.
  3. If no costs are stated on the website this does not necessarily mean that the facilities in question are free to use.
  4. FranceComfort processes all known information to them regarding the presence, costs and opening times of all facilities with great care. FranceComfort cannot guarantee or be held liable for any possible changes that could or do results in damage for the Tenant.
  5. If FranceComfort is informed of any changes regarding the facilities, they will process this information on the website immediately.
  6. Most parks have an app that lists the facilities and activities.

Disabled and handicapped people

  1. Wheelchair users and disabled people are requested to indicate in as much detail as possible which requirements they would like the Holiday Home to meet. This is the only way a decision can be made on if the desired Holiday Home is suitable for the user.
  2. FranceComfort can only advise the user in regard to this and therefore cannot be held liable if the Holiday Home is not sufficiently suitable and or adapted as expected.


  1. You can, in essence, take your vessel abroad with you without any problems. The vessel must however meet the local safety requirements and you must be in possession on site with of all necessary documents.
  2. You must inform yourself before departure if the vessel you want to take with you is allowed to be used on the water you have planned to sail on.
  3. Consult with FranceComfort or the Manager in advance whether placement of your vessel is permitted on the park.
  4. FranceComfort is not liable for any problems that arise due to not correctly carrying out the above.

Satellite TV and Cable TV

  1. Almost all Holiday Homes have satellite or cable TV.
  2. This does not, however, automatically guarantee that all programs that you can watch in your home country are also receivable in the Holiday Home. Information regarding this is described as well as possible in the description of the Holiday Home on the FranceComfort website.
  3. FranceComfort strives to make as many international channels as possible available, but cannot be held liable if the amount of channels is none or insufficient in some cases.


  1. Despite FranceComfort’s care and effort, the Tenant may (in their opinion) have a justified complaint with regard to the Holiday Home.
  2. The procedure is as follows:
    1. If the Holiday Home does not meet expectations, report this immediately to the Manager. The Tenant must first try to find a solution with the Manager on site.
    2. If the Tenant and the Manager cannot reach an agreement or the established complaint cannot be resolved on the spot with the Manager, the Tenant is required to contact FranceComfort within 24 hours. FranceComfort will do their best to resolve the complaint to the satisfaction of the Tenants, within its capabilities, provided that this solution is reasonably feasible and does not entail excessive costs. If you fail to inform FranceComfort within 24 hours that the Holiday Home does not meet expectations, you will lose the right to compensation.   
    3. Complaints reported to FranceComfort after the rental period has expired, will no longer be considered.
  3. The Tenant must at all times give FranceComfort  the opportunity to provide a suitable solution for the complaint. Early departure, without prior consultation with the Manager and FranceComfort and a mutual agreement, indemnifies FranceComfort, the Owner and his Manager from the acceptance of any complaint or the request of any form of refund.
  4. If, after reporting the complaint to FranceComfort, the complaint cannot be solved on site, the complaint must be sent to FranceComfort in writing and motivated and supported by photos, no longer than 2 weeks after the rental period has ended! After 2 weeks, the Tenant loses the right  to submit a complaint.
  5. In all cases, the maximum FranceComfort can be held liable for is the Total amount.
  6. FranceComfort is not liable for (extra) transport and /or accommodations costs whilst en route.  
  7. If the Tenant does not comply with the Terms and Conditions set in this article, he/she will lose their right to compensation. This all is only the case if there was any right to compensation in the first place.


  1. FranceComfort is solely responsible for executing the booking correctly, except in cases of force majeure, if the errors in the execution are attributable to the Tenant or the Owner of the Holiday Home and except for obvious mistakes or errors on the FranceComfort website or on any other notices. Obvious errors or mistakes mentioned before include inaccuracies in texts and photos.
  2. Defects in the intermediation performance of FranceComfort must be reported to FranceComfort as soon as possible (without any delay). If there is question of reasonableness, FranceComfort must have the opportunity to propose a solution that is reasonable and fair. If reporting a damage/defect is intentionally omitted, the Tenants right to make a complaint disappears, if it would have been possible for FranceComfort to propose a fair solution to the Tenant. 
  3. The Website has been compiled/created with the greatest care. Should there, nevertheless, be any imperfections, no rights can be derived from this.
  4. FranceComfort’s liability is explicitly limited exclusively to the direct financial loss suffered by the Tenant in a particular case.

Not FranceComfort’s responsibility

  1. FranceComfort and the park can under no circumstances be held liable for any form of indirect damage, This includes, among other thing: property damage, personal inquiry, consequential damage and lost profits.
  2. In the case of a so-called consumer purchase, this restriction will in no case be implemented further than stated in Article 7:24 paragraph 2 of the Dutch Civil Code.  
  3. FranceComfort and the park accept no liability and do not entitle you to make a claim against FranceComfort for:
    1. Injury or damage suffered by the Tenant or his/her property as a result of his/her stay in the rented Holiday Home in whatever form. The Owner must be insured for this as contractually declared between the Owner and FranceComfort.
    2. Theft, loss or damage, in whatever nature, damage to property of the Tenant or Co-Tenants or forgotten property during or a result of the stay in the Holiday Home.  
    3. The breakage or breakdown of any technical equipment in the Holiday Home, the temporary or complete  failure of the Internet or activity around the Holiday Home, noise pollution from, for example, neighbours, church bells, agricultural equipment or for other polluting situations in- or outside the Holiday Home. FranceComfort is not in a position to prevent or stop such disruptions and nuisances.
    4. Non-execution or partial performance of the Rental Agreement in the event of force majeure. This also includes the event of negligence on part of service providers hired by the Owner, on which FranceComfort depends.
    5. Damage caused by government decisions such as internal disturbances, (terrorist) attacks, natural disasters, floods, nuclear disasters, strikers, union actions, virus outbreaks, accidents , acts of violence or other unexcepted events that are beyond FranceComfort’s control.
    6. External factors such as force majeure and regional factors such as the presence of insects, vermin and environmental problems in the vicinity of the Holiday Home, stray dogs, inclement weather or the condition of the public road or greenery.
    7. Service disruptions or defects in services provided by third parties.
  4. The Tenant indemnifies FranceComfort and the park against all claims made or damage from third parties that are the result of any act or omission of the Tenant, Co-Tenants or third parties who are in the park with your permission.

Limitation of liability FranceComfort

  1. If your stay is not in accordance with the Rental Agreement, the Tenant may be entitled to compensation, unless the damage is due to the following causes: culpable act or omission of the Tenant or Co-Tenants, unforeseeable or unavoidable shortcomings of third parties and/or unavoidable, extraordinary circumstances.
  2. If FranceComfort should, nevertheless, be held liable for any damage, FranceComfort’s liability will always be limited to a maximum of the Total Amount of the booking paid by the Tenant.
  3. FranceComfort is entitled to offer the Tenant an alternative Holiday Home if necessary. If the Tenant refuses this alternative Holiday Home, the Tenant will not be entitled to any compensation.
  4. The provisions included in the Terms and Conditions with regard to the liability of FranceComfort in certain cases do not apply in the event of intent or fraud on part of the Tenants and/or Co-Tenants.
  5. FranceComfort is not liable insofar the Tenant has been able to recover any damage under an insurance policy, such as travel or cancellation insurance.  
  6. The right to claim damages and/or compensation expires after two months. The limitation period starts on the last day of the stay as laid down in the Rental Agreement.


For the app we ask you to use GPS so that we can send a push message 20 kilometers before the end point to guide you to your final destination. Your location will not be used for any other purpose or stored by us.

Final Provisions

  1. These Terms and Conditions and the Rental Agreement concluded between FranceComfort and the Tenant are based on Dutch law, unless other laws based on mandatory rules are applicable.
  2. Any dispute must be submitted to a competent court in the Netherlands.
  3. FranceComfort has the right to change these terms and conditions at any time with effect for the future, without being obliged to notify the Tenant. The current version of the Terms and Conditions are always available on to website from the date they apply. By continuing to use the website after changing the Terms and Conditions, the Tenants agrees to these changes.
  4. These Terms and Conditions contain agreements between the Tenant and FranceComfort and replace all prior agreements, whether made in writing, electronically or verbally.
  5. Should any of the provisions stated above be or become ineffective, this ineffectiveness shall not affect the remaining provisions. The ineffective provision that best suits the economic purposes of the provision is to be replaced.
  6. Contracting party for the Tenant is: FranceComfort BV, nl@francecomfort.com, 8271RD 25a, IJsselmuiden, KVK 65027965.
  7. The content of FranceComfort publications is subject to change. Obvious printing errors are not binding for FranceComfort.
  8. These Terms and Conditions replace all previous publications.