Go by electric car on holiday to France

As an electric car owner, you will need to prepare for a holiday to France, especially if it is your first trip to a French destination. You will want to know where charging stations are located in France and whether there are enough charging ports.

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Go by electric car on holiday to France

As far as electric charging is concerned, you are in the right place with us. On this page you can read everything you need to know about charging stations in France and about the charging points at your holiday address. More and more people are driving electric, but the French themselves are still reluctant. You don't have to worry about the amount of charging stations in France. There are plenty of them. For many holidaymakers, the holiday starts as soon as get in the car. If you go on holiday with an electric car, you have to stop more often to charge. As a provider of holiday parks in France, we want you to arrive at the park of your choice carefree after your trip. And we are happy to help you with that. Good preparation is half the battle. Upon arrival at the park, your car can immediately reach the charging station.

Parks with charging stations

Domaine de Lanzac Dordogne

Village des Cigales Dordogne - Lot

Château de Salles Gironde - Aquitaine

Jardin du Golf

Aveneau - Vieille Vigne Poitou - Charentes

Vallée de la Ste. Baume Provence

Bourg Est - Vigelière Poitou - Charentes

A network of charging points in France

Going by electric car on holiday to France requires preparation. We advise you to be well informed on where the charging stations are located. France is increasing the number of charging points. It is wise to look at the locations of the charging points in France for your next holiday. The charging network provider Ionity is spread all over the country and has an increasing number of charging stations for fast charging. This also applies to one of the largest providers in Europe, NewMotion. Do you have a Tesla? Then you can use special charging stations. France also has these so-called superchargers. With your UK charging card you can go to around 80 percent of the charging stations in France. Nevertheless, we also advise you to purchase charging cards from other providers.

Possible charge cards

  • Newmotion, PCE
  • Freshmile, Sodetrel
  • Chargemap, Kiwhi
  • Plugsurfing, Bluely
  • Ecocitry, Plus de bornes
  • Chargeyourcar

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Holiday parks in France with charging stations

At the moment, many of our parks are equipped with a charging station or there is a special charging option at your holiday home. These parks are suitable for electric cars:

  • Village des Cigales (Dordogne)
  • Domaine de Lanzac (Dordogne)
  • Chateau de Salles (Aquitaine-Gironde)
  • Vallée de la Ste. Baume (Provence)
  • Aveneau - Vieille Vigne (Poitou - Charentes)
  • Bourg Est - Vigelière (Poitou - Charentes)

Electric charging, tips for on the go

Of course, your car also indicates where the electric charging stations in France are, when you need to charge and at which charging point you can go. Sometimes the computer even indicates how busy it is at a charging point. Is there no space? Then your computer will give you an alternative. An alternative may also be to leave the highway. Are you planning to drive to France with a stopover or overnight stay? Then plan your trip in such a way that you can charge your car at that location.

During your drive to one of our holiday parks in the Dordogne, Aquitaine-Gironde or the South of France you will pass beautiful sights. If you do stop to charge your electric car, we have some suggestions. How about a stop near Paris? Go to Disneyland Paris for a day. The children will love it there. Are you going to Dordogne or Aquitaine? Then we recommend  visiting Oradour-sur-Glane: an impressive spectacle for anyone interested in the events of the Second World War. Are you going to Provence? Then make an (extra) stop in Luxembourg, Dijon, Lyon or Montélimar. The latter city is of course known for the production of nougat.

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More tips for a comfortable ride

If you are going to France by electric car and want to travel relaxed, we have some tips for when you stop to charge.

  • Stop at a landmark.
  • Opt for lunch or dinner on the terrace and take a walk whilst your car recharges.
  • Get off the highway and drive on the national roads. You do not pay toll here and there are also plenty of fast chargers.
  • Avoid driving on black Saturday. On other days the traffic is quieter. This makes the drive down a lot better.
  • It is more convenient to drive in cooler weather, because you won’t need to use air conditioning.

Electric charging stations at FranceComfort

Several holiday parks already have charging stations and at our other parks you will at least find a charging station in the vicinity. Each charging station has two connections. At Château de Salles, Village des Cigales and Domaine de Lanzac there are even two charging stations with four connections. If you spend your holiday at one of the parks mentioned above, you know for sure you can charge your electric car there. You can reserve an electric charging station. You can pay with your own charge card or with a card from the park, you’ll pay at the reception when checking out.

After a carefree trip, your wonderful holiday can start at FranceComfort. When you arrive, the beds will already be made. Put your things down, unpack them and relax with a drink on the terrace of your holiday home.

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