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Mandatory and optional additional costs

On our website you will initially see the rental price in which any possible discounts have already been included. In addition to rental fees, there are a number of mandatory and optional additional costs. These are shown below.
When making a (concept) booking these amounts are shown so that you know exactly what the total costs are.

Mandatory extra costs

Administration costs
The administration costs are €19.50 per booking. If you want to make changes after your booking and payment, which means that you would receive a refund, this is possible in some cases. However, administration costs will be charged.

Bed linen
The costs for bed linen are mandatory and are € 10 per set. This consists of a bottom sheet, duvet cover and pillowcase.

The cleaning costs are mandatory. The amounts are as follows:

  • Bastide 4 pers. € 80
  • 4 pers. villa € 100
  • 6 pers. villa € 110
  • 8 pers. villa € 120

Tourist tax
The tourist tax is approx. € 0.75 p.p. from 18 years and you pay at the reception.

Optional extra costs

You can rent a towel set. This consists of a large and small towel and is € 8,50 per set.
Tea towels
A set of 2 tea towels can be rented for € 5,50
There are baby items for rent:

  • cot € 15 per stay
  • high chair € 10 per stay
  • playpen € 15 per stay
  • children's pool € 5 per stay
  • baby package (bed, chair, box, bath) € 40 per stay

Electric BBQ
Only an electric BBQ may be used in the park due to fire risk. Some houses have one, others do not. In case there is no electric BBQ, you can rent it for € 2.50 per day.


Dogs that are well-raised are welcome in the park. You must request this in advance. There are a few villas available for dogs. Dogs never come in all other villas. These villas are therefore suitable for guests who are allergic to pets for example. Indicate if you are allergic to your reservation.

If you take your dog with you, the following rules apply:

  • Dogs may not come on beds, benches or chairs
  • If damage has been caused in or around the house, we ask you to report this immediately
  • The dog must be on the leash at the park
  • The dog can be let out outside the park
  • Discharge of the dog in the garden or on the park like to remove immediately
  • Make sure that neighbors have no (noise) nuisance from your dog
  • Your dog will be charged € 35 per stay

Park Address

The address of the park is:
Résidence Le Jardin du Golf
317 Boulevard des Musiciens
83860 Nans-les-Pins
+33 (0) 494370540

Reception email:
The reception speaks the following the following languages: EN / FR / NL / DE

Travel information

Two weeks before arrival you will receive all the information for your arrival by mail. Some highlights from this information:

  • Arrival between 4 pm and 7 pm, departure before 10 am
  • If you'll be arriving later, you can mail before departure and consult with the reception
  • If you have a delay during your trip, there is an emergency number in your travel information
  • There is a route description for the last part of your trip. The website also has a map with interactive directions

Tourist tips

Would you like to go out with your partner or with the family? On our page with tourist tips there is a large number of tips with detailed descriptions, photos and usually also a video. This way you can already prepare at home, but also decide what you're going to do the next day while on holiday.


There is a golf course next to the park. If you want, you can reserve a time with a discount on your green fees at the reception.


There is WiFi in the park. Every house also has WiFi. However, the speed is lower than you are probably used to at home. It's not suitable for downloading large files.


At arrival, you will be required to pay a deposit of €300. Please use a credit card or bank card. € 300 will be blocked (so not written off!) on your account. Approx. 1 week after departure, the blockade will be lifted if there is no damage. If you do not make use of this reservation option but actually pay (by bank or cash) then the amount will be refunded after approximately 14 days after departure, with a deduction of €14.50 administration costs. It's easier and better for you and us if you make a reservation.

Frequently asked questions

Check out our special page with frequently asked questions if you want more information.