Holiday homes in a wine region in France

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As a wine lover, it is of course great to spend your holiday in a wine region. View beautiful vineyards, talk to the winemakers themselves, help harvesting and of course taste wines.

France: the land of wines

France is known for its wines and wine regions. Some of the parks of FranceComfort are located in those areas: The Dordogne and Lot with the Bergerac and Cahors wines and the Provence. For a wine lover, the mystique of the wine cellars, the passion of the winemakers, the beautiful vineyards and the tasty wines add a valuable extra dimension to the holiday.

Provence oldest wine region

Provence has a long wine history and is probably the oldest wine region in France. The wine region is mainly centrally located in Provence. The most famous wine is the rosé.
The wines match the climate: they are light, fresh and fruity.
Because of the long history of wine, Provence has left a huge variety of grape varieties. For the production of rosé and red wines the winemakers use grenache, cinsault, mourvèdre and syrah. For the white wines that are ugni blanc, sémillion and rolle.

Our holiday parks in wine regions

Village des Cigales Lot - Dordogne

To the park

Jardin du Golf Provence

To the park

Domaine de Lanzac Dordogne

To the park

L'Espinet Aude - Langedoc

To the park

Bergerac and its vineyards

Wine production takes place in the immediate vicinity of the town of Bergerac. Beautifully situated on the left and right banks of the Dordogne are the vineyards on the slopes.
Under the influence of the Atlantic Ocean the climate is temperate with warm summers and the grapes can mature well in the autumn.
The differences in composition of the soil contribute to a wide variety of grape varieties and the wines made from them.
All common wines, white, red and rosé, are made from well-known grape varieties such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Sauvignon blanc, Sémillon and muscadelle.

Wine region Cahors

The wine region Cahors lies on the banks of the river Lot around the eponymous atmospheric historic city of Cahors. Thanks to the Malbec grape variety, this region is gaining international recognition.

Visiting wine regions during the holidays

You can visit the wine regions in various ways. There are marked routes that you can travel by car or bicycle. Take a walk across a vineyard and contact the wineboer. He will be happy to assist you outside the busy harvest time. Do you see the sign "degustation"? Then go inside and enjoy the wine tasting that is there.