In the area


Looking for a good restaurant? Or to wander through a neighbourly market? Under the "General" category, you can find general topics to make your holiday as pleasant as possible.
Special days that are celebrated throughout France are also listed here.


There is more than enough to see around your holiday home. Beautiful tourist areas or more cultural spots. Certain regions are known for a certain product or type of wine.
Grab a terrace, visit the boutiques and experience French life.


It's simply wonderful to take it easy during your holiday, surrounded by all the beauty the area has to offer. But, now and then, it's also nice to spend an active day. Try things you normally wouldn't have time for. Go hiking together through beautiful nature. Water sports are always popular as well. It's all possible!


Head out together or with the whole family. Explore the area, visit picturesque villages. Looking for places to visit and fun things to do? In this overview you'll find examples for an adventurous and exciting day out. Examples include a trip to an amusement park or zoo. But also boat trips, swimming pools or an excursion in a hot air balloon!