Avoid Black Saturday

France is one of the most popular holiday destinations among holiday-makers. Many look forward to packing their bags, loading the car and heading to their favourite holiday destination months before going. This is clearly noticeable on the roads, especially in high season. In the summer holidays it is always busier on the roads leading to and through France and other countries in Europe. Black Saturday is the height of this hustle and bustle. The roads are crowded and the journey takes much longer than usual. Returning traffic also suffers from this.

Changeover days during the high season on Friday or other days

Guests who want to avoid Black Saturday regularly ask us if there are possibilities to arrive and leave on Friday or on another day other than Saturday, during the high season. It is possible to do so when staying at various holiday homes in a couple of FranceComfort holiday parks.

L'Espinet Languedoc

Bourg Est - Vigelière Poitou - Charentes

Domaine les Forges Poitou - Charentes

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Depart on a different day then Black Saturday

Although the term may suggest otherwise, this is not just about one Saturday. There are several Saturdays at the end of July and the beginning of August on which it is wise to take into account that the roads will be much busier than normal. At FranceComfort we are happy to help you avoid black Saturday, or samedi noir as they call it in French. On this page you’ll find a couple of useful tips. Can you ,for example, start your journey on another day instead of Black Saturday? If so, our parks Domaine les Forges in Poitou-Charentes, L'Espinet in Languedoc and Bourg Est-Vigelière in Poitou-Charentes are perfect for you, seen as you can arrive and leave on Friday or any other day.

Would you like more information about our holiday parks in France where you can arrive and leave on Friday, or other days, during the high season?
Or are you curious about possibilities to avoid Black Saturday at different parks?
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Tips for Black Saturday

You may have the option to leave earlier in the week to avoid Black Saturday. On the other hand you may only get off of work from Friday and thus you have no other choice than to leave on Saturday. 

With these tips you will leave home well prepared and get through the extreme crowds on the roads as well as possible.

Check your car before leaving for France

There is nothing more annoying than your car having a breakdown whilst you’re on your way to France. Get your garage to perform a holiday check on your car or check your car yourself. Most importantly you need to ensure to check; the tire pressure is in order, the oil is up to standard and the air conditioning is working. Be prepared for the worst and make yourself a member with the Roadside Assistance, they can help you if your car breakdowns.

Buy a toll badge before departure

As many know, the bottlenecks that form when you drive onto and off of toll roads in France - including those on the Route du Soleil – can be terrible for traffic. That is why we recommend you to buy a toll badge in advance. Toll badges are available at some petrol stations. When using a toll badge, the barriers open automatically and you benefit from a separate lane at the toll gates, saving you a lot of time when driving on busy roads on says such as Black Saturday.

Leave for France after 10.00 am

Many holidaymakers think that it is wise to drive to France at night, but this is not always true. In the first hours the highway is often still fairly quiet, but in the afternoon you often still get caught in  traffic. By leaving after 10:00, you can avoid traffic and drive behind the crowds.

Choose alternative routes based on real-time traffic information

When using a navigation app with real-time traffic information on board, you can choose an alternative route when there is extreme traffic on the road. You will sometimes need to drive a little more kilometers, but this is often faster than waiting in a traffic jam.

Bring enough food and drinks for in the car

If you do end up in a traffic jam, it can take a long time before you come across a roadside restaurant or gas pump. That is why it is wise to bring enough provisions for you and your family whilst you’re on the road. Is your dog also coming with you to France? Make sure you bring enough dog biscuits and water for your dog.

Bring enough entertainment for your kids

Are you going on holiday with your whole family? The little ones can find the car ride quite difficult, especially if there is a lot of delay. Bring games, an iPad and books, and your children are bound to enjoy themselves. Of course, treats and snacks for your children work well as rewards.

Avoid Black Saturdays, check availability ✔️