Alps or Pyrenees? 6 reasons why you absolutely have to go to the Pyrenees on holiday

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Are you such a person who travels to the (French) Alps every year? Perhaps a bit addicted even to that wonderful alpine feeling? With walks through the beautiful nature, beautiful views, nice villages, good food and interesting culture? In that case, you should consider considering spending your summer vacation in the Pyrenees, rather than in the Alps.

1. Highlights in the Pyrenees

The Mont-Blanc, Annecy, Grenoble, the Lac de Serre-Ponçon, that is known. Similar and other highlights have been found in the Pyrenees: The Pic du Midi, a town like Tarbes, the Canal du Midi, the Lac de Gaube, the Lac des Bouillouses or the Lac de Lanoux, the largest lake on the French side of the Pyrenees .

2. Undiscovered gems

Of course there are also highlights in the Pyrenees where busloads of tourists arrive (Lourdes for example), but there are many more undiscovered gems. The unknown Cerdagne, for example, or the very sparsely populated Parc Naturel des Pyrénées ariégeoises, with its extensive valleys with authentic villages.

3. Less Dutch people

The Alps are a sort of magnet for the Dutch. When you drive through the valleys in the summer, or look for a parking spot to go for a walk, you can not escape the number plates from the Dutch. The Pyrenees is a bit further away, which ensures that fewer people from our country undertake the journey to it.

4. Culture

This side of France has a special culture, which can be compared with very little. In the west of the Pyrenees there are many Basque influences, in the east more Catalan. You can find that everywhere, in the language but also in the kitchen. Moreover, the villages and towns have their own atmosphere and character. You must have been there to understand this!

5. History

Do you like history? Then you will certainly find something to your liking in this region. You will find countless old castles, towns and villages from the Cathar era (Carcassonne!), There are many defensive works to admire, and even caves with rock drawings from prehistoric times.

6. Walking

The Pyrenees are a true walking paradise, with something for everyone. The high mountains attract the active outdoor athletes, the somewhat lower sections are ideal for families with children, and the elderly. The paths are well maintained, there are cable cars and chairlifts at various locations to bring you higher up, and if you like it you can also make multi-day hikes on deserted mountains and through remote valleys. Spend the night in one of the many mountain huts that can be found there.

Source: France Pure

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