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Frequently asked questions

This page gives you an overview of the frequently asked questions. Is your question not included or has your question not been answered to your satisfaction? Please send us an email and we will try to help you as soon as possible.

Arrival and Departure

What are the arrival and departure days?
During the high season, you can only arrive and depart on Saturdays. Arrival and departure on another day is only possible in consultation and on the basis of availability. Would you like to arrive and/or depart on another day? Please contact us, preferably by email:

What are the arrival and departure times?
We expect your arrival between 4 and 7 pm. If you wish to arrive outside of these times, we are happy to hear from you. Departure times are between 8.30 and 10 am.

Where can I find the route description?
You can find the route description under “map/address” of every park.

Can I utilize the facilities on the arrival and departure days?
Yes, that’s allowed. However, we ask that you first report to reception upon arrival.


Are all the holiday homes decorated identically?
The interior of most accommodations is identical, but not always; however, the comfort level is the same for all holiday homes. The pictures from the brochure and on the website may deviate from the actual interior.

How many people are allowed in the accommodation?
The description of the accommodation indicates for how many people the accommodation is suitable. This number matches the number of available beds in the accommodation and is the maximum number of people allowed.
For safety reasons, it is not allowed to accommodate more people in the holiday home. Consequently, additional beds/cots/air mattresses are not allowed. Children under the age of 3 are accepted as extra person if the child sleeps in a child’s bed.

Can we reserve a specific bungalow or villa?
Upon making your reservation you can indicate a preference. We will do our best to accommodate your preferences, but we cannot guarantee it.

Do you offer accommodations for individuals with asthma/COPD?
The floors of the holiday homes largely consist of tiles. Pets and smoking are not allowed in most holiday homes. Please let us know if you prefer such a holiday home when booking.

Do you offer accommodations suitable for individuals with a disability/handicap?
The park does not contain accommodations specially designated to accommodate individuals with a disability. However, all parks have holiday homes that are on the ground level, and have no or hardly any thresholds. Please let us know if you prefer such a holiday home when booking.

Are there non-smoking accommodations in the park?
Our holiday homes are all non-smoking. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that your accommodation is 100% smoke-free. This is based on trust that the no-smoking rule has been adhered to by the previous guests.

Are bed linens obligatory?
Bed linens are obligatory in all parks. In Domaine de Lanzac and Domaine les Forges, it is included in the price. In Village du Soleil and Résidence les Cammazes, it is not included in the price. It is possible to change the bed linens throughout your stay. You can find the costs regarding bed linens on the price lists of the various parks.

Are towels / dish towels present?
These are not always included, but can be ordered or picked up at the reception during your stay. The costs are listed on the price lists.

Do all holiday homes of a specific type have the same facilities?
Yes, the comfort level is equal for holiday homes of the same type in all parks.

Can we clean the accommodation ourselves?
No, cleaning at the end of your stay is obligatory, and is carried out by a specialized company. Please see the price lists for an overview of the costs.


How can I cancel my holiday home?
You can contact the reception via email to cancel your reservation. Please state the reason for your cancellation. Subsequently, we will determine if you are entitled to a (partial) refund. For more information, please refer to the General Conditions that also include the cancellation conditions.

Is it possible to take out cancellation insurance?
You always have the option to take out a cancellation insurance yourself. FranceComfort does not (yet) offer this option.

What are the costs of cancellation insurance?
The costs and premiums differ per insurer. You can find cancellation insurance on the Internet and take it out online yourself.

What are the cancellation conditions?
The cancellation conditions are included in the General Conditions, which can be found at the bottom of our homepage.


May I pay the full amount upon arrival?
Payment upon arrival is only possible if you have made a Last Minute reservation (arrival within 7 days of making the reservation).

Am I obligated to make a down payment?
You must make a down payment of 40% of the full amount within 8 days of booking. In the case of special offers, the full amount is invoiced as a whole. In the case of a Last Minute booking, the full amount must be paid upon arrival.

Will I receive a confirmation stating that my payment has been received?
No, you will not receive confirmation of payment; however, you will receive a reservation conformation immediately after booking.

To what bank account do I transfer the payment?
You can transfer your payment(s) to the account number indicated on your invoice; please be sure to mention both your name and reservation number.

How do I pay internationally?
If you wish to pay via online banking, you must first selection the option “international payments”. Subsequently, you fill in the iban and bic codes, without spaces. Next, you can fill in the other information and if necessary the currency.

What payment options are there?
You can pay with your bankcard, credit card, or in cash.

Can I request a delayed payment or pay in terms?
No, that is not possible.

When am I required to pay for my reservation?
A down payment (40% of the full amount) must be submitted within 8 days of booking. The remaining amount (60% of the full amount) must be paid at least six weeks before arrival.
In case of a Last Minute booking (a reservation made within a week before arrival), you should pay at the reception desk upon arrival.

Do I have to pay a security deposit upon arrival?
Yes, all parks require a security deposit upon arrival. Please refer to the price list for the specific amount. This security deposit must be paid upon arrival via credit card or bankcard. In Les Cammazes, you must pay cash.

When will I get my security deposit back
If the holiday home is left in the condition as stipulated in the guidelines, the reservation/security deposit will be released/paid back within two weeks. In case of a broken object (inventory), other damage, or excessive filthiness, part of the deposit will be kept.

What are the (obligatory) costs in addition to the rent?
For an overview of all additional (obligatory) costs, please refer to the price lists on our website.


Is Internet access available?
Wi-Fi is available in Domaine de Lanzac. In Domain les Forges and Village du Soleil, Wi-Fi is only available in designated areas (around the pool and in the reception area).

Is there a supermarket nearby?
The nearest supermarket is located 5-10 minutes by car from the parks. The most common shops are available within 15 minutes.

Does the park have a bread delivery service?
In Domaine de Lanzac, Domaine les Forges, and Village du Soleil, a bread delivery service is available, which will guarantee you fresh bread every morning in the middle and high season. A local bakery is located a 5-10 minute drive from all parks.

Does the park have a pool and tennis court?
Yes, all parks have one or more pools and tennis courts.

Can I park the car at the accommodation?
In Residence les Cammazes and Village du Soleil, you may park at the villa. Domaine de Lanzac and Domaine les Forges parks are car-free and have a central parking lot. At these two locations, you may only drive the car to your holiday home when arriving and departing.

Which facilities does the park have and who may use these?
The parks have various facilities. You can find the facilities of each specific park on the parks’ individual websites. Only guests may utilize the facilities.


What are the possibilities to rent children’s furniture?
You can rent a high chair, child’s bed and other necessities. For the prices of the children’s furniture, we refer you to the price list of the park concerned. Children under 3 can sleep in a child’s bed. Children ages 3 or older sleep in a normal bed.

Does the park have an animation team?
During high season, Domaine de Lanzac, Domaine les Forges, and Village du Soleil have an animation team.

Discounts and Special Offers

I made a reservation, but now there’s a special offer. Can I change my reservation?
Discounts and special offers do not apply to previously booked reservations.

How can I make use of a discount?
If you wish to make use of a specific discount, you can indicate this while booking. You can do so by telephone, and when booking online, you can enter a special offer code, belonging to the discount. The discount is automatically deducted from the rent price. Certain discounts are deducted automatically, such as the early birds discount and the extended stay discount.

How can I remain informed of new offers and Last Minute availability?
You can register for the newsletter and receive news several times a year.


How can I register and deregister for the newsletter?
You can register for the newsletter on the homepage.
Would you like to deregister for the newsletter? Please click on the link provided at the bottom of each newsletter or notify us at

Why do I not receive the newsletter, when I am registered for it?
The newsletter is sent a few times a year. It is possible that it takes some time before you receive the first one. However, it is also possible that it is due to an error in our system. If you notice this, please contact us via

How can I alter my personal information for the newsletter?
You can alter your personal information by sending your old and new information to:

Park General

What are the general conditions of FranceComfort?
You can find the General Conditions on our website. You can find a reference to the General Conditions at the bottom of the homepage.

Does the park offer room for meetings or events?
The parks Domaine les Forges and Domaine de Lanzac have special facilities for meetings or group travel. For company outings or events, please contact us.

Are pets welcome?
Residence les Cammazes, Domaine les Forges, and Village du Soleil include several accommodations that are suitable for pets (no more than 2). A surcharge of € 25.00 a week is charged for pets. You must indicate whether you wish to bring a pet when booking. Dogs must be kept on a leash in the parks. Special rules apply for pets. You will receive a list of these rules upon arrival.

Is barbecuing allowed in the parks?
The parks Residence les Cammazes, Domaine les Forges, and Village du Soleil allow barbecuing. Domaine de Lanzac does not. Domaine les Forges and Village du Soleil offer organized barbecues for the whole park.

When are the school holidays and other special holidays?
You can check on the dates for the school holidays in your area on the governmental website. Always verify the dates with your school, since some dates are only suggested dates. School can deviate from these dates if they wish.


I have made an online reservation. Is this final?
As soon as you have received a confirmation email regarding your reservation, the reservation is final. You do have to make a (down) payment within 8 days.

If I book via the Internet, how do I pay?
If you book via the Internet, you will receive an invoice. You must pay this invoice within 8 days.

I have already made a reservation, but I would like to make an additional reservation. How can I do this?
You can do so by contacting us via e-mail.

What happens to my personal information?
Your personal information is never made available to third parties and remains with FranceComfort. Please find our privacy statement at the bottom of the homepage.

Can I take an option on a reservation?
You can request an option by telephone or email. The duration of the option will be determined by the reception and is partly dependent upon the number of available accommodations.

Is it possible to reserve multiple (adjoining) accommodations?
It is possible to reserve adjoining accommodations (on the basis of availability). For reserving multiple (adjoining) accommodations, please contact us via

Can I alter my reservation?
The reservation you make is final. If you wish to alter your reservation, for instance to extend the duration of your stay, to order additional materials such as towels or children’s furniture, please contact us. In some cases, we are may charge an alteration fee(s).

Buy a Holiday Home

Is it possible to buy a holiday home in one of the parks?
Holiday homes are often for sale. Please inquire send all inquiries about the current information to