Summer activities in the Dordogne – Lot

The Dordogne region is one of the most popular tourist areas in France. Many spend their holidays there. The nature is beautiful and very varied as it has rolling hills, steep rocks, winding rivers, vineyards, and forests. The castles, fortresses and caves are very popular. The authentic villages are perfect for a walk through the narrow streets, visit a French market or enjoy a terrace. For the active holidaymaker there is the possibility to cycle or walk through the nature and along the vineyards or go canoeing or visit attraction parks.  

Touristic places

Near Sarlat, on top of a hill, there is a fortified town called Domme which has great views over the valleys. There is also a tourist train.
Beynac-et-Cazenac is a must-visit in the region. Its location is beautiful with winding streets and old neat buildings, a centuries-old castle, and a magnificent view over the river.
La Roque-Gageac  is located on the banks of the Dordorgne and is built against a steep rock. The characteristic elongated village consists of a main street with beautiful houses built up against the high rock face. It has a few picturesque streets.

You can find more tourist places on our page with tourist tips.

Sarlat, tourist capital of the Dordogne

Sarlat is seen as the tourist capital of the Dordogne. The center of Sarlat, in particular, is very popular. The village has many authentic buildings, some even dating from all the way back to the Middle Ages. It has narrow streets, cozy terraces, and nice boutiques. There are various buildings here which use to belong to local celebrities and are now definitely worth a visit. Weekly, and sometimes even a few times a week there is a market and there is also a daily market in the market hall with huge doors. During the high season you can visit Festivals and other events. During a large portion of the year Sarlat is bustling with activities.
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Popular in Sarlat

  • Medieval buildings
  • Maison de la Boétie
  • L'hôtel de Maleville
  • Boutiques
  • Restaurants
  • Festivals and markets

Dordogne and Lot rivers

The rivers the Dordogne and the Lot flow through the region towards the Atlantic Ocean. These rivers provide plenty of entertainment, you can swim, canoe, and go on a cruise.


From several starting points, cruises on the Dordogne and Lot are provided. View the surroundings in a unique way from the water. After every turn you’ll be greeted with a different stunning landscape with castles, fortresses, and nice villages.


In the Dordogne and Lot River you can swim. There are many beaches along the water where you can sit or lie down to sunbathe. For children the waters are safe to swim in seen as the water isn’t deep by the sides.


Canoeing through the beautiful nature. Let yourself be dragged towards the west, the Atlantic Coast, by the current of the water. During your canoe tour you will pass the most beautiful villages. This excursion is also great for children.

Sports activities

In the region there are many opportunities for sports activities:

  • walking and cycling
  • parachuting
  • hot-air balloon
  • quad biking
  • horse riding
  • golfing
  • Canoeing

Wine region

The Dordogne - Lot is known for its wines. The well-known wine regions are in the northwest towards Bergerac and in the southeast towards Cahors. You can see the vineyards and visit the wine châteaus. There are also "degustations", wine tastings where you can taste and buy the wine. In both regions there are wine routes which go from one participating wine estate to the other. The "Maison des vins" is in Bergerac and is the central point and starting point of the route.
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There are several caves worth visiting in the area. For both adults and children this is a whole experience. The caves are especially popular doing the summer. The Gouffre de Padirac and the caves of Lascaux are spectacular. The Gouffre de Padirac can be viewed partly by foot and partly by taking a boat over the underground lakes with beautiful lights and sound effects. The caves of Lascaux also have prehistoric wall paintings and other archaeological sites.
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Animation, zoo, and waterpark

Amusement parks



Birds of prey show

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