Entertainment for children

In the summer months, the park is full of children and young people up to the age of 18. On this page you can see what activities there are for children up to the age of 11.

Children's club - drawing and crafting

In the summer holidays, young children are expected in the main hall. One day the children will draw, the other day they’ll make something. The next day, they might play some games or go on a scavenger hunt around the park. This gives parents some time for each other. Would you rather watch your children? You are more than welcome to do so!

Parade over the park

If there is something to celebrate, a beautiful banner will be made. The children will paint it and there is then a parade over the park.


In the afternoon, games are sometimes organized depending on the weather and interest. If it is very hot, the children prefer to play in the pool and during the afternoon a family often likes to explore the surroundings.

Children's karaoke

Parents will be proud when their children get up and sing on stage. With a little encouragement, children will get up on stage and show their singing talent.

Sing together

At the end of the day everyone gets together and sings well-known children's songs. Parents sing along and Francis, the manager, provides musical support.


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