Swimming pools

FranceComfort - Domaine de Lanzac has three swimming pools. During the holiday season these are open all day. Are you sporty and do you like to start your day with a few laps in the pool? Or do you go to the pool with the whole family after the kids' club? Or take a refreshing dip at the end of the afternoon to cool off after a day of exploring the surroundings!

What is in the pool area?

  • large swimming pool of 22 x 12 and 2.00 deep
  • children's pool of 10 x 5 and 1.50 deep
  • paddling pool of 5 x 3 and 0.30 deep
  • water slide for children
  • sun terraces
  • sunbeds
  • lovebeds with heaven

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In France, supervision is mandatory in public swimming pools,. The owner of the swimming pool is required to appoint a lifeguard who must be present during the opening hours of the pool. The swimming pools at holiday parks aren’t public swimming pools if they aren’t open to (paying) guests from the area, but are only intended to be used by guests staying in the park. This is the case at Domaine de Lanzac, which means the pool is not under supervision. At the secured entrances of the pool you’ll see signs stating that the parents are responsible for their children, including the behavior of their children, in the pool.

Dress code

In France, certain dress codes apply for public swimming pools. The pools in the park, however, are not public pools and thus these rules do not apply here. Shorts etc. are therefore allowed.

Food and drinks

The pools are located next to the terraces of various pavilions where you can order all sorts of things, such as ice cream, coffee, soft drinks, sandwiches, fries, snacks, toasties, etc.

Toddlers pool

For toddlers there is a large pool in which they can play. Parents can sit by the edge of the pool and play with their children or talk to other parents. Give your child a bucket, a shovel or any other, and they will have the time of their lives.

Pool for children and teenagers

The swimming pool for children and teenagers is 1.50m deep. The children who can stand in the pool use it for various ball games. Parents also use it to help teach their children to swim. Under the supervision of their parents and with their armbands on, the children can practice.

The large swimming pool

The large swimming pool is very spacious making it perfect for , for example, swimming laps. The pool is also great for the older youth and adults who want to cool off during hot summer days.

Sunbeds and lovebeds

There are plenty of sunbeds for you to use around the pool. There are spots in the sun and in the shade. There are also special lovebeds that provide shade, which you can rent. From the terraces you have beautiful views over the valley.

Floating on the water

You can bring pool floaties and other inflatable attributes to the pool, as long as they aren’t too big. Relax on the water whilst enjoying quality time with your family.

Go swimming in the evening - Night swimming

The pools are illuminated in the evening. This gives a lovely atmosphere for when you are eating on the terrace or enjoying a glass of wine. If you look over the pool, you will see the Dordogne valley and its hundreds of lights.  During the high season there is an evening night swim with music weekly.


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