Touristic places in Dordogne - Lot

The Dordogne has plenty of touristic places for you to visit when on holiday here with your partner or family. Dordogne has lots of authentic villages with narrow streets and old houses or villages located in unique places with beautiful views. Plan to visit some of these village during your next holiday to France.


Sarlat is the touristic heart of the Dordogne - Lot region. The village center is beautiful and has old houses and narrow alleys with restaurants. The contemporary shopping street with many shops is also highly recommended. The large square has cozy terraces.


Domme is a beautiful village and is located on a hill. You can see the Dordogne river flowing down below and watch people canoe along the river. Also visit the caves of Domme and stroll through the shopping streets. You can sit down and relax at one of the many cozy terraces.


Belvès is a medieval village with seven towers, centuries-old cave dwellings and a château. During the summer there is a night market every Wednesday where you can enjoy delicious food. The medieval festival is held in early August.

Roque - Gageac

Roque - Gageac is located on the banks  of the Dordogne River  and is built against the slope of a steep rock face. It used to be a country estate belonging to the bishops of Sarlat. From the top of the village you can enjoy a beautiful view over the surroundings.


One of the most touristic places in France is Rocamadour. This village which was built against a hill has picturesque shopping streets and is home to the magic sword of Durandal which you’ll find above the entrance of the church. You can explore the village by train.

Beynac - et - Cazenac

The village, which is located by the Dordogne river, has a lot of narrow medieval streets which wind up the hill. On the top of the hill there is a beautiful castle which you can visit. From this castle you’ll have a view of three other castles.

Penne d'Agenais

Penne d'Agenais is a bastide village in the south of the Dordogne - Lot region. The medieval settlement town is located on the River Lot. The village has half-timbered houses, cozy squares and art galleries and a stunning large church with a huge dome.

Collongues la Rouge

If you visit the village where the houses are made of red stones, it will feel as if you are entering the Middle Ages. The village is surrounded by a beautiful hilly landscape and remains of the old defenses.


Monflanquin is a bastide village, it is located on top of a hill and has beautiful views of the surroundings. The main square is surrounded by old houses with arcades. During the summer a market is organized every Thursday evening and in August there is a big medieval festival.


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