Entertainment during your holiday

During your holiday in FranceComfort - Château de Salles there are many entertainment options.
For children and teenagers there is plenty to do so they’ll never be bored.

Example animation programme


At the reception there are a number of go-karts. You can rent these for your children for half a day, a full day or for several days. Children love go-karts and will certainly enjoy using them during their holiday.  


A playground, the meeting place for children. There is so much choice, where will you go first? The swing or the climbing frame? For the small children there is also a sandbox and for the moms and dads there are benches so you can watch your children.

Table tennis

Table tennis is THE holiday sport. On our park Château de Salles there are two tables ready for your use. Will you be playing 1v1 or doubles with mom and dad?

Panna cage

Have fun in the panna cage! When playing panna in a panna cage, insight, technique and good teamwork  are very important to play well. Which team is the most skillful? The park also hosts a park tournament regularly.

Play area

A play area for small children. What could be more fun playing with a pretend kitchen? But there is much more. Come and have a look and play!

Slot machines

For the older youth and adults there is a separate room with various slot machines and other animation. A game of air hockey or billiards is always fun.


Games or other activities are regularly organized at the park, one time it's a football match or another ball game, other times it's different games. The games are tailored to the ages of the children.


The most popular sport in France is also played in Château de Salles. Take the "boules" with you on holiday and compete with each other. Before you know it, there is a group of spectators enjoying it.

Coloring and crafting

The kids club organizes something fun every day during the holiday season except for on Saturday and Sunday. The younger children always love participating in these activities. One day they’ll make a beautiful drawing, the other day they’ll make crafts.


The park is located on the river L'Eyre. Rent a canoe and discover the area by water. You’ll paddle downstream towards Salles, will you take the long or the short route?

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