Articles and furniture

We offer you the opportunity to purchase furniture and articles for the 2023 season.


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Download the order lists, fill it in and sign it. Then please scan and email to

Additional costs

The prices on all price lists are HT. The articles will be delivered carriage paid if the total order amount of the park is at least € 2,000. If the total order amount is lower, we will inform you about the costs. The costs of bringing in and unpacking your home will be charged, see the order list.

The costs of delivering and placing the furniture in your home are on the price list. These costs apply if you purchase the entire package. If you only take a few items, the price will be lower. You must remove the old furniture from your home yourself or have it removed for a fee. The administrators will then coordinate this for you. 

Laminate flooring

It is possible to have laminate flooring (glued) installed. The cost of the floor, leveling the floor and laying is ± € 55 m² excl. VAT.

Below you see artist impressions in 2 variants: With the existing floor of tiles and a new PVC floor.

Impressie 1 woonkamer

Impressie 1 woonkamer met PVC vloer

Impressie 2 woonkamer

Impressie 2 woonkamer met PVC vloer

Impressie slaapkamer

Impressie slaapkamer met PVC vloer