Sports activities

The holidays are a time to relax and unwind. For some, this means reading a book in peace or strolling
through nice villages. Others prefer to go sunbathing on the terrace by the pool or on the
beach. Some people like to "clear their heads" by being active and participating in various sporting activities. The FranceComfort park Chateau de Salles provides plenty of opportunities to practice sports in its immediate vicinity.


Have an early and fresh start in the morning with your partner or friends by playing tennis on one of the park's tennis courts. After a match or two, take a dip in the pool and enjoy a classic French breakfast such as a croissant and cup of coffee.


This intensive sport is always a fun game to play, maybe even a good game to play with your son or daughter. There is a squash court on the parks grounds. Action and reaction are of key importance in this game. After an hour of playing you will most definitely feel it in your muscles, but this of course has one big advantage: the holiday calories will fly off!


Still looking to do some strength exercises during your holiday? or do you just want work on your fitness? The park also has a fitness space which you can use for free. There are different machines so that you can train various muscle groups.

Inline skating

Winding through the vast forests you’ll find kilometers of smooth cycle paths which are particularly suitable for inline skating. At a high speed you can cover great distances, often without encountering anyone. There are also suitable cycle paths for inline skating located along the coast.


If you enjoy windsurfing then the Aquitaine coast is THE perfect place for you to spend your holidays. From the park it is a half hour drive to the coast. On the coast there are several surf schools that can help you improve your skills.


The Gironde and the coastal region of Aquitaine are very popular among cyclists. Château de Salles is located in the middle of this region and many come to the park to discover the region by bike. Whether you prefer exploring the area by touring bikes or off-road, it’s all possible. More information...

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