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ESF ski lessons during your holiday

Snow, fun and adventure is what your children can expect if they take lessons at ski schools in Portes du Soleil. The enthusiastic and very experienced ski instructors ensure an unforgettable skiing experience for the children. The friendliness and professional competence allows children to quickly master the sport.

At what age can children start with ski lessons?

Parents with a passion for skiing often want their children to learn to ski as well. Children can learn to ski from the age of 4 years. From this age, little ones have the strength, coordination and endurance to be able to learn the sport. It is also important for the children to have the necessary physical and motoric skills. Cross-country skiing can be learnt from 5 years and snowboarding from 6/7 years old, these sports can only be learnt when the child is slightly older because this is the age at which their sense of balance is developed well enough.

In addition to skis, well-fitting ski boots and poles, your child will need a helmet, ski goggles, gloves, waterproof, warm and breathable clothing and sunscreen with high protection. We recommend that you rent the equipment listed above.

École du Ski Français (ESF)

French ski instructors are well trained and have to take strict technical exams in order to practice their profession. This is an important difference compared to other winter sports countries like Austria, where the admission requirements are much lower.

The ESF is the largest provider of ski lessons in France. The ESF lessons system is therefore also the best reference for children's skiing levels in France. When children reach a certain skiing level, they get 'pins'. In addition to ski lessons for children, there are also lessons for the elderly, or lessons to learn cross-country skiing or snowboarding.

Ski levels for children

  • Piou-Piou (yellow chick): children from the age of 3 who get acquainted with skiing and receive lessons in the Club Piou-Piou, a separate part of the piste
  • Ourson (bear): children who can make a 'pizza point' on a flat slope.
  • Flocon (snowflake): children who can easily make turns and can start to keep their skis parallel.
  • Première, deuxième and troisième Étoile (first, second and third star): children who can brake whilst keeping their legs together; which star a child gets depends on their control whilst making turns on slopes with increasing steepness.

Private lessons

In addition to group lessons, you can also take private lessons. Even though these are more expensive, they are also more efficient. Private lessons are often a lot cheaper if taken when the French are having lunch. In the high season, the tuition rate of many private teachers during those hours is up to 30% lower than on the rest of the day.

ESF ski school Abondance

The ski school of Abondance is located at walking distance from your apartment. Do you want to work on your skiing skills? or learn to snowboard? Both of these are possible at ESF.


For approx. € 135,-  you or your child will learn to ski, snowboard or cross-country ski in 12 hours, spread over 6 days. You can take private lessons for approx. € 40,- per 2 hours.

Book your classes online in advance

  • The cancellation conditions that apply to almost all ski schools are very flexible.
  • Many schools offer a discount if booked in advance (discounts of up to 20%).
  • Book on time to avoid disappointment.
  • If you book online, you can avoid the queues and your payment is completely cash-free.

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