Andorra is a small principality in the Pyrenees between France and Spain of only 468 km2 and consists mostly of mountains. It is the last independent territory of the so-called Marca Hispanica (Spanish marks), the buffer states founded by Charlemagne to stop and prevent the Muslim Moors from entering Christian France.

Tourism and tax haven

Andorra is a prosperous country that is mainly dependent on tourism and its status as a tax haven. Around 9 million tourists visit Andorra annually, most of whom are attracted by Andorra's duty-free status and the many things there are to do during both the summer and winter. Most Andorrans live from tourism. Andorra is popular among hikers and those seeking peace. The country has the following form of government. The country has a parliamentary democracy with two co-princes as heads of state. One of these co-princes is the French head of state, the other is the bishop of La Seu d'Urgell, a Spanish town. Their role is almost symbolic. The official language is Catalan.

Andorra la Vella

The capital of Andorra is Andorra la Vella. The city has an old city center with authentic streets and historic buildings. Visit the centuries-old churches Église de Saint-Estève with beautiful wooden decorations and the Iglesia de Santa Coloma. One of the city’s’ most famous sights is Casa de la Vall, which was a residential house in 1580, but has been occupied by the Parliament of Andorra since 1702. Andorra la Vella also has a modern area with luxury shops and shopping promenades. You can buy tobacco and alcohol duty-free here because Andorra is not a member of the European Union. Please note that there are limits on how much you can bring back to other countries that are a member of the European Union. Also walk over the Paris Bridge which has "Andorra la Vella" written on it in large letters. A little further along is the famous bronze artwork made by Salvador Dali that symbolizes the passage of time. You can also see the large 80m high glass spire of Caldea, the largest wellness centre in Europe with 18 floors, from afar.


  • Eglise Saint-Estève
  • Iglesia de Santa Coloma
  • Casa de la Vall
  • Shopping promenades
  • Paris Bridge
  • Artwork "Nobility of Time"
  • Caldea


Andorra is called the land of the mountains thanks to its beautiful, varied nature. Andorra has green meadows and valleys through which rivers flow, high peaks of over 2500m with rugged rock massifs, elongated mountain ranges with mountain meadows and glacial lakes with eternal snow in some places. The northern mountain slopes are covered with dense forests. Scattered across the country you’ll find loads of mountain villages. Andorra is a great day-out for nature lovers.

Flora and fauna

Andorra has over 1100 different plant species. The valleys "Vall de Ransol" and "Valle de Rialb" are known for their unique flora, many rare plants grow here. One of the most beautiful flowers is Andorra's national flower, the white Narcissus Poeticus. The Pyrenean iris, the many orchids and the alpine rose are also beautiful. Andorra is also home to the almost extinct Iberian ibex who, just like chamois, live on the rocks. In the past bears and lynxes also used to live in Andorra. Andorra is still, however, home to the Ptarmigan, marten, fox and eagle.

Horse riding

There are several horse-riding schools in Andorra who provide rides for groups, both with and without a guide. You’ll ride through valleys, along vast forests and pass clear mountain streams. After every turn you’ll be greeted with new stunning views. Along the way there are plenty of spots where you can take a  break and enjoy a picnic. There are also tours that go up into the mountain, where you can enjoy the beautiful nature from a completely different perspective.

Spa Resort Caldea

Andorra is home to the largest spa and wellness centre in Europe. It is a large and luxurious complex with indoor pools, a panoramic outdoor pool, Turkish and Indo-Roman baths, saunas, whirlpools, hammams, hydromassages and more. Caldea makes use of the sulfur-containing thermal springs in the area which have temperatures of up to 70°C and are rich in minerals.

Hiking in Andorra during the holidays

Do you like to go hiking with your partner, family or a group of friends when on holiday? Visit Andorra for a day-out and go hiking when staying at our holiday park. There are over 40 hiking trails through valleys, over mountains and along rivers. You will experience nature in a pure and untouched form. Prepare well, check the difficulty of the route and bring water and sunscreen.

Theme park Mon(t) Magic

Between Andorra la Vella and France lies the town of Canillo. This is where you’ll find the amusement park Mon(t) Magic, where there is all sorts to do such as a zipline, a toboggan run, toboggan run with VR glasses, canoes, pedal boats and kayaks, devil karts, archery, etc. The park is suitable for all ages.

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