There is a lot to do in the holiday park. All sorts of activities are organized for both young and old. During the summer holidays there is an animation team and there are activities organized throughout the day.


Pétanque is a popular game which is played everywhere in the south of France. Every village has their very own jeu de boules courts. The FranceComfort – Espinet holiday park also has its own courts. The aim of the game it to get your ball closest to the small ball, which is known as the "but".


Every loves a game of billiards.During the day children are keen to play a game and in the evening the elderly and seniors love to play a game. Agility and concentration are key, but the game also gives a sense of relaxation!

Table football

Will you play a game as a couple or with four? Score points by playing the ball into the opponents goal, be sure to write down your points. This game is great for all ages and is also very fun to watch!


Place an arrow on the bow, create tension, take aim and release. Archery is a sport that appeals to many. Men like to show off their skills when there  are women watching...!

Table tennis

Table tennis is one of those typical sports that is played during the holidays. Many have learned to play the sport whilst on holiday. There are numerous table tennis tables available at FranceComfort’s - Espinet park.

Kids club

During the summer holidays various activities are organized for children and teenagers. From Monday to Friday, plenty of activities are organized for various age groups. For the youngest children activities such as coloring, making crafts and playing games are organized. For the older youth activities such as football matches or other age-appropriate games are organized.


During a hot summers day it is often too hot to play a match of volleyball, but in the evening a game is regularly played. The park also regularly hosts tournaments.


Play a game of badminton together. This sport is a real holiday sport and can also be played in our park.


Want to continue playing your favorite sport during the holidays? In FranceComfort - Espinet it's possible! Our park has numerous tennis courts waiting for you. You can play for free.


From what distance can you play the ball into the basketball hoop? Play a game of basketball with friends and cool off afterwards in the pool or the recreational lake.


2 teams are  formed and the game can begin. Children, young people but also adults love to participate and you can nearly always expect spectators who are ready to encourage the footballers. The big question remains: who is going to win?

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