Recreational lake with lots to do!

At a 10 min. walk from FranceComfort - L'Espinet there is a large recreational lake with beautiful sandy beaches. You can cool off in the water, whilst bathing in the sunny weather. The municipality of Quillan makes sure that the water is pure and clean. All kinds of water sports are  possible on the lake, you can go canoeing, stand-up paddle boarding, and paddle around on an inflatable boat. There is also a large inflatable castle where you can climb and jump or slide off. Around the lake there is also a playground, a cable car, a petanque court, a beach volleyball court, a beach football pitch and a quad rental. There is also a snack bar and a pizza truck by the lake.

Playing in the sand

Young children love to play in the sand! The beach around the recreational lake is a great place to do just so. Bring a couple of buckets and shovels and they’ll have hours of fun. Mum and dad might also want to help build the sand castle. The lake has something to offer for all!


Teenagers quickly make new friends when on holiday! They meet new people at the holiday park and then go and undertake all sorts of activities. During the evening they often sit together and during the day they go swimming. Sometimes entire families visit the recreational lake together and have a fun day out.

Water castle

There is a large inflatable water castle in the shallow part of the lake. Swim there with your friends and climb on it. Will you climb to the highest point and then jump off, or will you climb from one side of the water castle to the other without falling into the water. Teenagers and adults also like to race to the top of the inflatable castle.

Stand - up - paddle

Have you always wanted to try this popular sport during the holidays? You can do so at recreational lake St. Bertrand in Quillan. Supping  seems very easy but also has difficult aspects such as staying balanced and the actually paddling. You’ll be able to move forward by alternating between paddling on the left and the right side. 



Sailing is a great activity to do together with your children! Bring an inflatable boat and paddle on the lake. Both you and your children can take turns rowing. Jump off the boat and go for a swim whenever you want! Sailing is a great way to have good quality time together with your family whilst on holiday.


For many, sunbathing on the beach is one of the most relaxing moments during the holidays. Children love to play on the beach which gives you a moment to relax for yourself! Don’t forget to apply your sunscreen and go for a dip in the water to cool down.

Beach football

Running through the sand chasing a ball is a lot more tiring than doing so on grass. However, the real football enthusiasts love to practice the sport whilst on holiday. Play a shorter match than you would usually do to spare yourself from the French summer sun. After a match, dive back the water and cool off.

Go for a trip by horse and carriage

The tours by horse and carriage start at the restaurant. You’ll drive around the lake and its surroundings. Enjoy the beautiful French nature together with your partner or family.

Beach volleyball

Would you still like to be active whilst on holiday? Go play a game of beach volleyball! You’ll always be able to find other sports enthusiasts on the beach or in and around the holiday park who are down for a game. If you are used to playing volleyball on a hard ground, you will be in for a surprise when playing on the beach.

Quad biking

Our holiday park also offers the possibility for children to drive a quad bike. There is a special area at the recreational lake where you can drive. A track has  been set out in this area with all kinds of obstacles that the drivers will need to maneuver around. This track is a great challenge for children.


There is also a playground  by the recreational lake which is great for children on a cooler day. The playground is suitable for children up to 12 years old.

Rental of various water sports equipment

If you do a lot of water sports, you may already have your own equipment but for those who do not have their own equipment, there is the possibility to rent various water sports equipment  at the recreational lake of Quillan. You can rent a SUP board, boat, canoe and much more!

Restaurant and pizza truck

There is a snack bar / restaurant and pizza truck by the lake. The restaurant serves snacks and simple meals, drinks and ice cream. At the pizza truck you can order various types of pizzas. These are both great alternatives for when you don’t feel like cooking.


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