Sports activities in Languedoc

If you enjoy sports, they’ll be plenty for you to do in Languedoc. The area is very varied which means many activities are possible. You can go hiking or cycling in the mountains, along the vineyards or the coast. If you like a bit more of a challenge, go skydiving or quad biking. Doing a Via Ferrata or climbing a mountain is also possible during your holiday.


If you like to go hiking during the holidays, you’re in luck seen as there are plenty of options. From the holiday park you can walk various routes, but you can also drive a bit first and then walk through the mountains, the vineyards or along the coast. Make sure you bring enough water when you go hiking and put on a pair of good walking boots.


If you are an active cyclist, head into the mountains. If you start in the park you can cycle over a hilly trail whilst further north you can cycle through the vineyards. Be sure to also drive up to the coast by car and explore the coastal region by bike. Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen, the sun can be very intense in the South of France.

Quad biking

Explore the surroundings of the holiday park by quad. You can either go alone, with your partner or family or go on a trip  with a whole group. You can do a tour and a guide will take you along the most beautiful places.


You can go rafting on the rivers Ariège and Aude. The water flows down from the mountains at high speeds, which makes them ideal for rafting. It is important that you are in good health when going rafting. Together with your group you try to avoid the rocks in the water and make it down the river safely.

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Horse riding

If you enjoy horse riding, you may also want to go whilst on holidays. There are several riding schools in the area who provide trips through the Pyrenees. You can explore the landscape in the South of France alone or with a group.

Via Ferrata

Via Ferrata translates to "iron road", which is an accurate representation of this activity. You will follow a route along a mountainside over steel brackets, along steel cables and stairs. During the trip you will always be safely fastened with safety cables so that you cannot fall. During your trip you can enjoy some beautiful views over the valleys of the Languedoc.

Mountain climbing

If you like to push your limits when on holiday, go mountain climbing. The mountains in the Languedoc are great for mountain climbing. You can make it as difficult as you want. Always go in a group, make sure you are in good shape and that you have professional equipment.


Canyoning is a physically demanding sport. Together with a group you’ll travel through a gorge. Usually water flows through the gorge, making it extra difficult. You will then swim, clamber, slide, walk or abseil through the gorge. There are parts in varying difficulty, from easy sections for beginners and extreme ones for experts.


Going on a hot air balloon ride is always impressive. You’ll first to take-off and once at the right height, you’ll float along quietly. Over mountain lakes and between mountain peaks. You will get to see places which you could never reach by foot or by car.

Flying in a ULM

ULMs are ultralight planes for one or two people. Take a flight over the holiday park and wave to your family members who will be waiting for you down below. The planes take off from several places in the Languedoc. Flying in a ULM is a unique way to discover the southern French landscape.

Sky diving

Skydiving is a great activity to do during your holiday in the South of France. Jump from the plane and float over the beautiful landscapes of the Ariège or Aude. In the distance you will be able to see the Mediterranean Sea.


Speed, agility and nerves of steel, that’s what you need when you go karting. Are you ready to race against your friends and family? The scenery in the South of France is beautiful, race through the mountains with snowy peaks or other beautiful landscapes.


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