Tree climbing course

There is a tree climbing course in the holiday park. Under strict professional guidance, you and your children can complete the course. Part of the climbing course has steel cables and wooden platforms, whilst you have to climb or you go by cable car from one side to the other in another section.

Climbing during your holiday in France

Climbing forests, also known as Accrobranches or Parc Aventures, are very popular in France. The country has around 300 climbing forests or climbing parks. Each participant receives a safety vest which is checked for security by the instructor. Cables are attached to the safety vest with which you have to "secure" yourself to the cables that go from one tree to another. It is important that everyone wears closed shoes. Before you start the course the instructor will give you a clear explanation on how to climb and how the course works. Children over a certain length can do the course by themselves, the smaller children or children who need a little more guidance can explore the course together with one of their parents.

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