Relax during your holiday

The holiday is a period of relaxation. During your stay in Espinet you will have the opportunity to do just that. Here you can enjoy the sauna, jacuzzi and hammam either alone or together with your partner.


You probably don't have much time for it at home, but now you do! Meet :

  • Balneotherapy - a combination of hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and electrotherapy. Used to treat rheumatism and stress complaints.
  • Aromatherapy - a form of herbal medicine based on the use of essential oils from herbs, flowers and other parts of plants
  • Chromotherapy - a form of color therapy. Energy flows return to balance and which has a positive effect on the body and mind

Our beauty specialists are happy to help you with a wide range of purifying peels, face masks, epilations and massages. Treat yourself during the holidays. Let your skin shine again.


Experience the relaxation of a massage. This is ideal for those who want to experience the relaxing feeling, especially helpful if you want to let go of the stress concerning your daily routine. The massages are very soothing and ensure better circulation in the body. To achieve the best results from these massages me make sure to use products of the highest quality.

Would you like to make an appointment? You are welcome.

Opening hours

  • Wed from 13:30 to 19:00
  • Thu-Sun from 10:00 to 12:30 and from 13:30 to 19:00

As a guest you will receive a discount on the various treatments.