Entertainment during your holiday

There is a lot of entertainment in the park, especially during the high season. For both young and old, a variety of activities are organized so that they’ll never be bored. In the morning there is a kids club for the youngest children. For the older youth there are several activities spread over the week and in the evenings, there is a program for teenagers and adults.

Kids club

At the kids’ club, something fun is organized every day during the holiday season except for on Saturdays and Sundays. Young children love these activities. On some days they’ll make beautiful drawings whilst on other days they’ll make crafts, music or origami or participate in scavenger hunts. Be sure to visit the kids club and take all your friends! Mums and dads are also welcome.


The most popular sport in France is also played in village des Cigales. Be sure to take your "boules" with you on holiday and compete with each other. Extreme concentration is of upmost importance, after which the throw follows. Who’ll throw closest to the small ball, the "but"?

Table tennis

Table tennis is a real holiday game. Many have learned to play table tennis during the holidays. This game never gets boring and is played by young and old during the holidays in Village des Cigales, often with a large group of spectators around it.


A playground, the meeting place for children. The trampoline, climbing frame, slide, young children love playing around. For the moms and dads there are benches so you can watch your children.


The park has a football pitch. Ready for a match of football against your friends? Competitions are organized for older youth and adults.  


During the day children mostly play volleyball and in the evening the volleyball court is covered with adults. In most cases two teams arise spontaneously and the game can begin.

Live music

Regularly there is live music in the evening. In the hall you can relax with a snack and a drink while enjoying music.

Large chessboard

Are you a fan of chess? The park has a large chessboard. Are you going to compete with a fellow holidaymaker? It is also fun to teach your children to play chess with this board.

Karaoke night

For teenagers and adults there are regular karaoke nights. Unleash your talent! Let them be heard during the holidays!

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