Touristic routes Dordogne – Lot region

The Dordogne – Lot region is one of the most touristic regions in France. Many spend their holidays there every year and enjoy the nature, beautiful villages, bastides, castles and fortresses, cozy terraces and good food. The area has created touristic routes which will lead you along some of the most beautiful roads and past various sights. In addition, there are routes along vineyards, apple orchards, walnut trees and orchards of other fruits. This is a great way to explore the region and to get to know more about the region.

Route de la Pomme

Then northeast of the Dordogne has extensive apple orchards. Some of these orchards and apple varieties have the quality mark "l'Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée". Fruits from this region regularly win prizes. These routes are great to drive during the summer, in July and August. Guided tours of these orchards and fruit cooperatives are also organized and you can even pick your own apples! Check out the website:

Route la Vallée de la Vézère

There is a beautiful route of 70km through the Vézère valley, north of Sarlat. Go from Sarlat to Montignac, (caves of Lascaux). Then to Les Eyzies, where you  will see the Château de Losse. On the way to Thonac you will pass Château de Chabans. You then go back to Eyzies and pass Sergeac with Château de Merle. In St. Léon sur Vézère there is a Romanesque church, a château and Parc de Conquil. You’ll drive back to Sarlat through Roque St. Christophe.

Route la Vallée de la Dordogne

You’ll start the 30km trip in Sarlat. First of all you’ll head towards Cahors. In Carsac head towards Golejac (Jardins d'eau). Head towards Montfort and Vitrac and cross the river towards Domme. On the way you will see signs to Ferme de Turnac which is a large labyrinth. Continue via Cénac to La Roque Gageac and the château of Castelnaud. Château de Milandes is also nearby! On the way to Vézac you will pass the Jardins de Marqeyssac. Drive back to Sarlat via Beynac.

Route des Vins de Bergerac

There are several wine routes from Bergerac through the vineyards and along the wine châteaux around Bergerac, to Monbazillac, Saussignac, Montravel and Pécharmant. The monastery Le Cloître des Récollets in Bergerac, which is where the Maison des vins is located, is the starting point. There are over 100 winemakers who invite you to come in and view the vineyards and the production process of their wines. In most cases you can also taste and buy wines from these winemakers.

Route des Vins de Cahors

The vineyards of the Cahors are located west of Cahors along the River Lot on the northern and southern banks. You can drive parts of the route and alternate between driving on the north bank and the south bank. Along the way you will pass places such as Caillac, Luzech, Puy-L'Évêque, Duravel and Fumel. The vineyards have wineries which you can visit and where you can taste and buy wine.

Route des Bastides

This route of over 100km starts in Sarlat and heads towards Beynac. It then goes through St. Cyprien, Siorac, Urval and Cadouin and St. Avit Senieur, whose beautiful abbey is on the UNESCO list. You’ll then go towards Molières, Beaumont and Monpazier. In Monpazier there is Château de Biron. From this point you can either go directly towards Villefranche or via Gavaudun and Cuzorn (Château Bonaguil). You’ll then head back to Sarlat via St. Pompon and Daglan.

Route de la Noix

The Dordogne – Lot has over 4000 ha of nut orchards with 4 types of nuts: Franquette, Marbot, Corne and Grandjean. The Route de la Noix, is located between Beynac and Salignac and will bring you past some of the most beautiful orchards. In the mill in Ste. Nathalène which dates back to the 16th century, nuts are processed into oil. Nuts are also used for products such as cake, cheese, wine, oil or liqueur. There is a nut museum in Castelnaud.

Route du Foie Gras

Foie Gras is a delicious dish but is surrounded by negativity because of the non-animal-friendly way the geese are fed. A number of farmers, restaurants and manufacturers are animal-friendly to the geese. They have made a route to introduce you to the traditional processing of goose and duck liver into one of  the specialties that is on the menu at many restaurants in the Dordogne. Visit the website:


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