Entertainment during your holiday

For young and old there are entertainment options at the park.
This is often organized at the central reception in Aveneau.
You will find more information at the reception.


Competitions are regularly organized in which both young and old participate. A large field is available for practicing football. Will your friends also join?


A jeu de boules game is often played in the evening. It remains a popular sport and is focused on throwing the balls as close as possible to the "but". There will be no shortage of spectators.

Table tennis

A table tennis table is available at the park. This is an especially popular game during the holidays. There are often spectators around who encourage the players. Do you play with your boyfriend or girlfriend? or will you challenge your father or mother? Do your best!

Water Games

Warm weather means time for water games! On most days water activities are organized for the children.

Kids club

During the high season the park organizes a kids club at the reception in Aveneau on a few mornings, which mornings these are you can find at the reception. The kids club organizes activities such as crafting, coloring, painting, playing games or a scavenger hunt, they always think of something fun to do. Moms and dads can of course come and watch.

Roasting marshmallows

Roasting marshmallows always remains a holiday favorite! For small children it can all be a bit exciting, but mom or dad is always nearby. Get ready to enjoy delicious marshmallows!

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