Lac de Castillon

The recreational lake Lac de Castillon is located at approx. 500m distance from the FranceComfort park Villa's du Verdon. Around the large reservoir there are numerous villages and beaches and may different water sports are practiced on the lake. The lake is great for relaxing during your holiday in France.

Sunbathing and swimming

There are gravel beaches, sand beaches or grass fields surrounding the lake where you can sit or lie down and sunbathe. Go for a dip in the water and cool down again.


Rent a rowing boat or a motorboat and take a cruise on the lake. You can sail along the banks of the Lac de Castillon and enjoy the views. Along the way you can stop and go onto the beach or a village.


There are a few surf schools along the lake where you can rent wind surfboards. During the summer months there is often a moderate wind and in the spring and autumn you can expect a stronger wind. The lake is ideal for children to learn to windsurf.

Standup paddle

The sport standup paddleboarding has become very popular in recent years. Abbreviated it is also called "supping". You can paddle forward on a SUP board with one paddle in your hand.

Canal cruise

Cruises are organised on the lake from various starting points. On the way, a guide will tell you all about the area. A cruise is a great way to relax and learn more about the area together with the whole family.

Pedal boats

Rent a pedal boat and take your family, or let your children, got out on the lake. There are pedal boats with and without a slide. A slide makes it extra fun!


To be able to sail a catamaran you need experience, you can also do it together with a supervisor. You can reach a greater speed when sailing with a catamaran than with a sailboat.


Canoe on Lac de Castillon with your family or by yourself. In many places you can  rent canoes during your holiday. You can also rent several canoes and  go for an adventure with a group.


Children love it: sailing on a sailboat. There are instructors who teach the children all the tips and tricks so that they quickly master the basic principles.


You can go rafting on one of the many rivers that flow into the large Lac de Castillon. The water flows quickly and it takes a lot of skill and cooperation to sail downstream by raft.

Water skiing

For the real sports enthusiasts there is the possibility to water ski. Go at high speed behind a speedboat, ski over the waves and try to stay afloat.

🏄🏻 Come and enjoy the Lac de Castillon ⛵