Sports activities during the holidays

Do you like to participate sports activities during the holidays? Near the park there are plenty of opportunities to do so. If you are interested ask the administrators for more information.


Large parts of Provence are fairly flat, these areas are great for cycling. If you are looking for a few slopes, the coast is perfect for you. You can bring your own bike or rent one. In the vicinity of the park, you can rent a bike. A regular touring bike costs around € 10 per day and an electric bike about € 50 per day to rent.

Mountain biking from Castellane

From your holiday home you can go mountain biking. There are several routes through the mountains which will take you to the most beautiful places with stunning views.

Cycling over mountain passes

Do you prefer to cycle on the roads but are you still seeking a challenge? Grab your race bike and go for a mountain ride. You can make beautiful tours in Haute Provence over various mountain passes. The views along the way are impressive.

Horse riding

Horse riding is very popular in Provence. You can rent horses and go on a trip by yourself or with a group. Under the guidance of an experienced guide, you will be taken to the most beautiful places.


Enjoy a beautiful walk through the stunning nature of Provence. Near the park you can walk, but you can also drive a bit first, and then go for a walk. The area of Calanques, located by the coast, is very beautiful, but you should also think about going inland towards the mountainous part of Provence for a walk.

Parachute jumping

Enjoy the beauty of Provence by jumping from a plane with a parachute and enjoy the breathtaking view whilst floating down.

Quad biking

Do you want to see a lot of the area without having to make too much of an effort?  Rent a quadbike. You will discover places you would usually not pass through such as forests, vineyards, and untouched nature. Several places in the area rent outs quad bikes. Explore the area by yourself or with a group.  

Mountain climbing

There are also plenty of opportunities to climb mountains in Provence.Be sure to go under the guidance of qualified instructors when attempting this ascent.

Snorkeling and diving

Provence also has stunning water life. Go snorkeling or diving in the Mediterranean Sea. You can enter the water from the shore or first sail out a bit with a boat.


Instead of going down with a parachute, go up.  The parachute is attached to a speedboat which goes at high speed and will lift you into the air.

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