Entertainment during your holiday

At the park there are limited entertainment options which mostly take place during the high season. Activities are organised for children.  Outside the park there are so many more possibilities for entertainment.


France's most popular sport is also played during the holidays. Be sure to take your "boules" with you on holiday and compete against each other on of the pétanque pitches. Good concentration is very important in this game. Who will through their boules closest to the small ball also known as the "but"?

Kids club

During some mornings the children are welcome at the reception. They’ll make crafts, play games, do some coloring, go on a treasure hunt, or make music. Are you coming and will you take all your friends with you? Moms and dads are welcome to come and watch.


There is a small playground for young children. The playground has a climbing frame, slide, seesaw, and a playhouse. The youngest holidaymakers love to spend their days here.

Table tennis

Table tennis is always very popular at holiday parks. This game never gets boring and is enjoyed by all ages. In Jardin du Golf you can expect a large group of spectators around the table. Will you also be participating?


Play a game of badminton together. This sport is a real holiday sport and can also be played in our park.


Every loves a game of billiards.During the day children are keen to play a game and in the evening the elderly and seniors love to play a game. Agility and concentration are key, but the game also gives a sense of relaxation!

Table football

Will you play a game as a couple or with four? Score points by playing the ball into the opponents goal, be sure to write down your points. This game is great for all ages and is also very fun to watch!

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