Avoid the black Saturday

telepeage frankrijk tolwegen naar vakantiepark met vakantiehuis FranceComfort 200x160.jpg

France is one of the most popular holiday destination. Many look forward for months to pack the suitcases, load the car and head for their favorite holiday destination. This is easy to notice on the roads, especially in high season.

Black Saturdays

In high season there are often long traffic jams on the way to the south of France. And recurring traffic is also affected. The roads are overcrowded and the journey takes much longer than usual.

For many, it can not be otherwise. They have vacationed on Friday and can not leave earlier than Saturday. Others do have the opportunity to drive earlier.

Friday as a changeover day

We are regularly asked if there are possibilities to arrive and leave in the high season on Friday. In this parks it's possible at the moment.

Bourg Est - Vigelière

Domaine les Forges - Le Bois Senis