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Privacy statement

It is important to FranceComfort that the users of are informed of how the personal information they have provided on this website is used. We handle the personal information Clients provide to FranceComfort with the utmost care and discretion. We will never release Client information to third parties. FranceComfort complies with the law regarding Protection of Personal Information.

Your Personal Information

FranceComfort uses the Client’s personal information (such as name, address, phone number, and email address) to process the Client’s reservation and to send him/her the requested information. This includes sending invoices, travel documents, and information regarding (alterations of) departure times via regular mail or email.

Extra Information

FranceComfort is takes great effort in keeping the its Clients informed, for instance on the basis of the Client’s indicated interests. FranceComfort can use the Client’s personal information to offer additional information (e.g., to send brochures and newsletters). If the Client does not wish to receive such information, he/she can inform FranceComfort via email.


FranceComfort measures general data with regard to the number of visits of its website. For instance: which search engines do visitors use to find the website and which pages are consulted most. This data cannot be traced to the name or address of an individual visitor. This data is only used by FranceComfort, and exclusively used, to optimize the website for visitors in general.

Use for Improvement and Personalization Website and Services

FranceComfort can use the information the Client has provided on its website to improve the website and the related services, and to make the website more personal and attractive. In addition to the use of Client information for statistic and marketing purposes on an anonymous level, we FranceComfort can use the Client’s information for non-anonymous purposes, such as to personalize the website for you when you visit it. To that end, we also make use cookies, small pieces of information left behind on the Client’s computer and that allows us to recognize the Client the next time he/she visits our website.


As is the case concerning everyday manners and etiquette, most behavioral rules for the use of the Internet are obvious. However, Internet users sometimes forget that they are communicating with people and not machines via the network. FranceComfort strives to ensure that the communication via the Internet occurs as pleasantly, correctly, and efficiently as possible.


FranceComfort retains the right to alter this privacy statement. Such alterations will be published on this page as soon as possible after they take effect.

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