Snow parks in the Portes du Soleil

On the edges of the large ski area Portes du Soleil there are a few beautifully landscaped snow parks and fun parks. Are you seeking more of a challenge? or are you looking for something different to do instead of another day of skiing down the mountain? If your answer if yes to either of these questions, you should definitely take a look at one of the snow parks in the area. The parks are of all kinds of levels, this variation in difficulty levels makes sure there is something for everyone.

Snowparks in Avoriaz, Châtel and Les Crosets

There are more than 9 snow and fun parks in Portes du Soleil. All parks have various ramps, slides and jumps for different levels:

  • Snowpark Arare is the park that was first built in Avoriaz in 1993. It is suitable for riders with an average or experienced level. This park has rows of tables with rails but also an XXL table known as the Big Air. The park also has difficult obstacles for advanced skiers and boarders. In this park you can also enjoy other large ski jumps, (double) kink rails and large hips.
  • A park perfect for all types of riders is the Snowpark La Chapelle. Both beginners and experienced riders can show off their skills here. There are 4 rows of kickers of different levels and 2 rows of jibs with boxes and rails.
  • The Smoothpark in Châtel is said to be the most beautiful snow and fun park in the Portes du Soleil. This snowpark is located at Super Châtel, the ski resort located directly above Châtel. An experienced shape crew keeps track of the park daily and expands the park every year. There are obstacles for every level, from small kickers and butterboxes to slideboxes, a quarter pipe, large kickers and long downrails. There is also a chill room with a picnic table and barbecue where you can rest or have lunch whilst enjoying the sun.
  • In Les Crosets there is a freestyle park called Superpark. This park is also perfect for various levels.

The Stash in Avoriaz

The eco-friendly snowpark Stash is based off of North Star, a Californian ski resort. Jake Burton, founder of the Burton Snowboard brand, is the creator of this concept which gives an extra dimension to snowboarding. The obstacles in the Fun Park are all made out of wood, no plastic or iron is used throughout the whole park. Freestyle park The Stash is suitable for both snowboarders and skiers. The park has 3 different sections, each with its own level of difficulty. There's also a Snake run (a boardercross with super sharp turns). Halfway down you can take a break and have a picnic at one of the mountain huts. Stash is located in the forest of Lindarets, in the ski resort of Avoriaz and is accessible via the 6-seater chairlift Prolays. Enthusiasts can make use of the Parks & Stash ski pass, which provides access to all the Snowparks of Avoriaz 1800.

Snow parks for children and beginners

The two beginner parks in the area are the Lil' Stash and the Kids Parkway. These small parks are especially for children who want to try out a box or ramp for the first time. These parks give kids an opportunity to get acquainted with sliding sports and freestyling. By building the whoops (snow waves), small kickers (bumps), slides and boxes (freestyle modules) low to the ground it is possible for these children to gradually and safely learn to freestyle.

Lil'Stash is a recreational parcours in the forest of Proclou with tree houses and barbecues, but also a suspension bridge, a slide, ropes, wooden figures and playground equipment. Along the course children can find wooden figures next to giant toads and magical creatures from the world of Shreddie.
Shreddie is a friendly yeti who lives in the tree houses and is the so-called boss of the little park. He loves snowboarding and can often be found in the snowpark with his slide, his banana swing, but also by the free-to-use gas barbecues. A fantastic place to picnic. 

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