Aquaparc Bouveret on Lake Geneva

Just across the swiss border you’ll find Aquaparc Bouveret, one of Europe's largest water parks. This beautiful Aquaparc is mostly covered so that it can be open in both summer and winter. In the park there are all kinds of slides and other fun activities which are divided into four groups: children, family, sensation and outdoors. Are you looking for a day with slightly more sensation? Then Aquaparc Bouveret is a great idea for you. It is about a 50 min. drive from FranceComfort AlpChalets Portes du Soleil.

Attractions Aquaparc Bouveret

Aquaparc is a water park suitable for the whole family. For children, young teenagers, adults and the elderly, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy this water spectacle on the edge of Lake Geneva. The slides have a total length of 1.1km, so it takes a while before you have tried them all. Seating and loungers are provided in the complex and food and drinks can be purchased in the various restaurants.

The attractions in four groups

Little Ones

  • Wave Pool – The wave pool is always popular among children. Some kids like to try to dive over the waves whilst others like to dive straight into the waves.
  • Pirate ship  – This children’s section has a pirate theme. Surrounded by shipwrecks, rigging, rope bridges and small caves, children can play around. There are even pirate ships and sometimes your children can also see real pirates walking around.
  • Fantastico – A long slide full of bumps and free falls with a long run at the end. Children can sit next to each other and go down the slide with each other.
  • Lazy River – Let yourself drift along the flowing river. During the summer, this river has an extra loop which goes outside. The Lazy River flows through the pirate world. This river leads through caves, past a shipwreck and under a cistern. There are also waterfalls and water cannons.
  • L'Abordage - Once upon a time, there was a young pirate who wanted to board the galleon unnoticed. He crossed the hanging walkway over the ship and sneaked into the rocks where there was a slide. He then visited the magical island and quietly reached the pirate ship. In this section you too can experience this daring seaman's adventure!


  • Houla Hoop - The Houla Hoop is 170 meters long and 1.8 meters in diameter. For this slide you and 2 family members or friends get into a 3-seat buoy and make the descent.
  • Le Raft  – A slide where you are with three people in a rubber boat and slide down over all kinds of bumps and other obstacles. It's like real rafting.
  • The Jump  – Sit down on the rubber buoy and race down this 109-metre-long green toboggan run by yourself. At the end you make a jump.


  • Boosterloop – This attraction is very unique. To make the descent you need to have your arms crossed over your chest and then all of a sudden the bottom disappears under you and you go into a loop followed by a 15m free fall and then you enter a loop with 3G acceleration. After you have gone through the loop, your speed  decreases and you slide through a transparent tube to the end.
  • La Tornade  – Very spectacular and gives you loads of adrenaline! You first glide down the slide and then enter a bowl where you spin around at a high speed. The speed decreases so that you get closer and closer to the hole in the middle and eventually you fall down into the water.
  • Black Hole – This is always exciting... A slide into complete darkness. Will there be another bend? Is the end already visible?
  • La Cascade – A short slide like a waterfall. You first go down a slope but soon it becomes steeper until it becomes a free fall.
  • Run Orange – a long slide with all kinds of turns to the left and to the right. You then accelerate or slow down until you come to a stop in a long pool of water.
  • Run Rouge - Be careful, don't be fooled, a slope of 41.79% is not nothing. Followed by another free fall of 21 m. and before you know it you are already at the bottom. Adrenaline guaranteed!


  • Beach of Bouveret  – During the summer you can go to the beach at Aquaparc on Lake Geneva.
  • Outdoor Lazy River – The part of the Lazy River that is open in the summer. This makes the Lazy River twice as long as it is during the winter!
  • Splash Lagoon  – A large play castle in the water for children between 6 and 12 years old. Climbing and clambering and then off again via one of the slides

Aquaparc Bouveret  is a park where you can definitely spend a day in your holiday. You and your family will enjoy the thrills, the beautiful sunny weather when you go in the summer and the food in one of the restaurants.

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