Recreational lake with Wibitpark in Les Gets

In Les Gets, one of the villages in Portes du Soleil in the French Alps, there is a popular recreational lake with many facilities. This lake is situated about half an hour drive away from your apartment in Abondance. This lake is especially nice for children and the elderly. Having fun in the water is always a success among young and old during a hot summer day.

Going to Lac des Écoles during the holidays

Lac des Écoles is located in the mountains in the village of Les Gets. The lake gets fresh water from the mountains making it very clean. During the summer you can expect the water to have a temperature of around 22°C. The lake is surrounded by large areas and beaches perfect for sunbathing, with an incredible view of the enormous mountains. The area is open every day between approx. 12.00 and 19.00. Everyone can swim in the beautiful waters and your children can have fun in the water without you having to worry about them, seen as there is plenty of lifeguards providing supervision.

Wibitpark on the recreational lake

On the lake there is a floating playground called the Wibitpark where children over the age of 8 can play and swim. The park consists of obstacle courses, a slide, climbing walls submerged in the water, a monkey cage, bouncy castles, a human catapult and much more. There is also a smaller, separate area intended for children between the ages of 6 and 8. These children are given a life jacket and can play in a playground supervised by qualified employees.

Facilities around Lac des Écoles in Les Gets

There are various facilities around the lake. As a guest you can make full use of the following:

  • multisports ground
  • waterslide
  • beach volleyball court
  • playground
  • Splashpad
  • fitness equipment
  • restaurant
  • picnic tables

If you are looking for a fun activity for the day, Lac des Écoles in Les Gets is perfect for you.

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