Lindarets – goat village in the Portes du Soleil

The small village of Lindarets in the French Alps has no more than a few chalets and the road leading to the village is steep and full of hairpin bends. Nevertheless, many find it worthwhile to visit here during the holidays. It’s not only the beautiful nature which attracts the tourists but also the fact that during the summer season, the village is full of goats. The goats walk on the roads, through the Alpine meadows and through the gardens of the chalets, wherever you go you’ll come across them!

Great day trip during the holidays

The road to Lindarets is an experience in itself. From Morzine you drive in the direction of Avoriaz. Before you enter the village you’ll need to turn left towards Lindarets, but this is where the tricky part starts: a challenging climb up. The road is narrow and steep and has alternating hairpin bends. In June there may even be snow. After every turn there are beautiful views over the unspoiled Alpine landscape. In the midst of all these hairpin bends lies the small village of Lindarets up against the mountain. You can park your car at the beginning of the village where you will be welcomed by dozens of goats, from here you can walk into the village. The goats are tame, the children can pet them and take a picture with the goats. Be sure to take some goodies so that they will stay around you, otherwise they will go to the next person and "beg" there.

Lindarets Tourism

Despite the interest of tourists, the small village has remained an idyllic mountain village with narrow streets and authentic chalets. All kinds of goat-related products are sold in the village such as goatskins, goat milk, goat cheese and much more. There are nice souvenir shops who offer their products and cozy restaurants where you can enjoy the local specialties. Lindarets is the starting point for beautiful hiking trails into the mountains, some of these trails go along the waterfall of Brochaux. From the village you have a beautiful view of the Lac de Montriond. You will also see many skydivers here who use the steep slopes with hairpin bends to jump off from and float down.

Winter in Lindarets

During the winter, the goats live in their stables and there is another hustle and bustle in the village. The gondola lift leaves from Lindarets and there is also a slope right through the village. The restaurants are open during the winter so that you can enjoy delicious food.

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