Gorges du Pont du diable

The Gorges du Pont du Diable are in the Vallée d'Aulps, in the beautiful UNESCO nature reserve "Chablais". These are impressive gorges through which the river Dranse flows. The Pont du Diable, the "Devil's Bridge", is at the top of the gorge. To get to the entrance of the gorge you must take a walk of approx. 20 min. through a beech forest and past cliffs. The gorge has a stunning view over the river Dranse which flows around 50m below you.

Beautiful shapes in the gorges

A long time ago the gorges were under a glacier. The meltwater caused erosion in the limestone subsoil. Holes in the gorges rock walls are caused due to whirlpools. Along the entire gorge, erosion has produced beautiful sculptures. A shining sun results in beautiful effect where the wall takes on gray, green, ochre, and blue colors.

Pont du Diable

Due to the erosion, crevices kept becoming larger and larger until at a certain point a large boulder fell into the gorge and got stuck halfway. This boulder is known as the devil's bridge. A glass floor has been made under this rock and 50m above the river Dranse so that you can now stand on this point and look down perpendicularly.

Hiking through the Gorges du Punt du Diable

Bridges and walkways have been built through a large part of the gorge. In total, the height difference during the hike through the gorge is about 120m. At the end of the gorge, you will return to the path that takes you back to the beginning. Every year the gorge is visited by over 50,000 visitors. The walk ends by a souvenir shop and a restaurant.

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