Parc Aventure Arbr'acadabra in Abondance

Do you fancy doing an active, exciting, challenging, and tough activity during the holidays? Then a visit to Parc Avonture Arbr'Acadabra in Abondance or to one of the other climbing parks in the area is a great idea. A tree climbing adventure is fun for the whole family; younger children, teenagers and adults, there is something fun to do for everyone.

Climbing during your holiday in France

In a climbing park, Accrobranche or Parc Aventure you’ll be climbing through the tops of the trees. With the help of ropes, cables, walkways and wooden platforms, routes have been plotted from one tree to another.
A climbing park is like an adventure trail laid out between the trees. Every route is sturdily attached to its surroundings, and you will remain attached to a rope during all your journeys. The idea behind such climbing courses is to travel through the forest, from peak to peak. To do this, you can either go on a zipline or walk on ropes. It is a fun and exciting sport and is especially suitable for nature and adventure lovers. Climbing adventure parks are very popular in France. The country has about 300 climbing parks.

Safety in the Parc Aventure

Upon arrival, participants receive climbing equipment. Everyone must wear a safety vest after which the instructor checks if everything is properly fastened. The safety vest has cables with which you must "secure" yourself to the cables which go from one tree to another. It is important that everyone wears closed shoes. Before you start the course, you will receive a clear explanation from the instructor. Children from a certain length can participate in the course themselves, smaller children or children who need a little more guidance can go on the course together with one of their parents.

Courses with different levels of difficulty

In the Parc Aventure Arbr'Acadabra in Abondance and in the tree climbing parks in the area there are courses of varying difficulty. There are courses that are almost on the ground that young children can cross independently and courses high in the trees. The routes vary not only in height, but also in difficulty and in length.

Popular family activity in the holidays

A tree climbing course is often seen as a leisure activity, but it is much more than that, it is a sport with the following aspects:

  • All family members have fun because everyone can be active at their own level
  • It's a time to share your weak and strong moments with your family
  • Mutual aid and mutual solidarity are important
  • For children, it is important to develop their own skills and motor skills from an early age.
  • It is an incentive to overcome fears of voids and heights
  • High in the trees you often have beautiful views of the surroundings

Several climbing parks in the area

In Haute Savoie there are many of these types of climbing parks:

  • Abondance - Parc Aventure Arbr'Acadabra
  • Châtel – Châtel Aventures
  • Morzine – Accrobranche Indiana Aventures

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