Tobogganing at Pré la Joux - Châtel

In Châtel, at the end of the valley at Pré la Joux, there is a toboggan run. This course is located on a mountainside in the forest. After you and your children have been given a helmet, the sledge will be towed up to the starting point of the track. You have a beautiful view of the surroundings. The first part of the descent goes through the spruce trees and then over the Alpine meadows.

Tobogganing during the holidays

The toboggan run at Châtel is about 650m long and has 7 sharp turns. You’ll gain loads of speed on the straight sections, after which you will wizz through the corners. You can reach a speed of up to 7m/s which is quite a sensation for young and old  .If you feel like your going a bit too fast, you can pull the brake so that the speed decreases. Children under a certain height need to go together with one of their parents in the sledge, the older children are allowed to go by themself.

Crêt Beni

There is also a possibility to toboggan at Crêt Béni in La Chapelle d'Abondance.

The MultiPass gives you a 10% discount.


Super fun to do in the summer with children. Our 8-year-old daughter was allowed to go alone and she thought it was quite an experience.

Fam. Van Haaren:
Our children loved it. We also went ourselves. It is also fun experience for teenagers and parents.

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