Déval'kart in Pré la Joux at Châtel

Pré-la-Joux is located at the end of the valley at Châtel. There are several ski slopes in the winter, in the summer there is a go-kart track: Déval'kart. The karts have no engine, they look like go-karts. You can get into a go-kart in the valley, after which you will be towed up the mountain with a tow lift. At the top of the trail you wait for your turn after which you’ll drive down. You can also start the descent together with a group of friends.

The course is designed in such a way that the speed can never get too big. It has a large number of bends and there are no steep descents anywhere. If you do, however, feel like you are going too fast, you can brake.

The Déval'kart is an activity for children older than 10.

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