Dog sledding tours through the Abondance Valley

Exploring the Abondance Valley by dog sled is an exciting adventure and appeals to everyone's imagination: being pulled by a dozen dogs while you whizz through the snow on the sledge. You can go dog sledding in s Abondance, La Chapelle d'Abondance and other places in the Portes du Soleil region. Eight to ten dogs pull the sled along the snowy paths. The guide (musher) ensures an unforgettable adventure and is, of course, a dog lover.

Huskies pull the dog sled

Dogs pull the sledge, through the flat landscape but also up and down the hilly landscape. People often wonder whether it is justified to ask such a physical effort from these animals. Experts indicate that it is and the dogs also seem to be having a great time. Only a limited number of breeds are suitable for pulling a sledge, these breeds have been doing so for hundreds of years: the Siberian husky, the Alaska malamute, the Samoyed and the Greenland dog. Especially huskies are used a lot seen as they are super strong and have a lot of energy which they can get rid of by moving a lot every day.

Various dog sledding tours in the Abondance Valley

Before you leave, the supervisor, the musher, will give you all the necessary explanation. The musher also joins you for the journey. If you go with several sleds, you have the option to drive one yourself. In this case you will stand on the back of the sledge and will be pulled forward by two or four dogs. Children cannot do this though seen as they are too light and a certain weight is needed for it to be possible to brake. Two adults and two children under 12 can be pulled by a dozen dogs in a sled.

La Grande Odyssée Savoie Mont Blanc

Wherever there is snow in the world, dog sled races are  organized. One of the most famous is the Grande Odyssée Savoie Mont Blanc, an annual race that takes place in the French Alps. It is one of the toughest dog sledding tours in the world with a course of almost 400km which is covered in 12 days. There are about 600 dogs participating with about 70 mushers. This event is very popular and attracts up to 100,000 visitors.

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