Shopping in the holidays

Would you like to go shopping during your holiday in Abondance? An hour away by car there are plenty of villages and towns with shops.


With only 9,000 inhabitants, this resort on Lake Geneva is relatively small, but due to its famous mineral water from the springs of Évian many tourists like to visit the resort. The resort is also great for shopping. The city center is just a single street - Rue Nationale – which is only accessible for pedestrians. There is a small street between this pedestrian zone and Lake Geneva where dozens of shops, art galleries, restaurants and terraces alternate. There are clothing shops, jewelry stores, shoe stores and shops for the locals.


Geneva is one of the larger cities on Lake Geneva and in Switzerland. The city is known for its many luxury shops. The most exclusive shops are in the vicinity of Rue Basses, Rue de la Croix-d'Or, Rue du Marché, Rue du Rhône and Rue de la Confederation. This area has many jewelers and trendy boutiques. The old city centre and the St. Gervais and Paquis is an area with antiques and artworks where you can expect art galleries and craft workshops.


Thonon, like Évian-les-Bains, is located on Lake Geneva. This touristic resort has shops in the old city center and near the Boulevard. In addition, there is an indoor Centre Commercial. Thonon has the usual souvenir shops, art workshops, clothing stores and boutiques.


Lausanne's main shopping streets are in the car-free part of the city. Lausanne has many shops and 4 large department stores. Rue de Bourg is a prestigious shopping street with luxury designer shops. The Rue Centrale runs right through the shopping area. On one side of this street there are luxury shops and on the other side of the street there are department stores and cozy squares with terraces. Due to Lausanne's hilly location, some shopping streets are quite steep. The famous Swiss watch, delicious chocolate and other items are all very popular in Lausanne. In the shopping complex "Flon" there are many specialized shops.


The shopping area of Montreux is located along the shore of Lake Geneva. Montreux’s most famous products are watches and other jewelry pieces and of course the Swiss army knife. But the area is also famous for its textile shops with St. Gallen lace and shops where chocolate and cheese are sold. Forum Montreux, a three-story shopping center, is located on the Boulevard, in the center of Montreux. This shopping center has fashion stores, boutiques, beauty salons, jewelers, and bookstores. All shops are interspersed with cafes and restaurants where you can have a drink or eat.

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