Markets near Abondance

During the holidays it is nice to occasionally visit a market in the area. There are different types of markets. During the high season, both in summer and winter, there are plenty of tourist markets. In almost every place with hotels, apartment resorts or holiday parks, such a market is regularly organized. In addition, there are the parties and festivals that are often linked to tourist markets. For more information about these markets, please refer to the managers and the local Office du Tourisme.

Christmas markets

In December, the popular Christmas markets are organized. These Christmas markets are THE place for coziness. Of course, the surroundings also play a role in attracting tourists: imposing mountain peaks, chalets with snow on the roofs and beautifully lit streets. After a day of skiing, enjoy the traditional Carols you hear around you and visit the Christmas market in search of festive souvenirs.

Markets with regional products

In most French villages and towns, the market is held on a fixed day in the week. All kinds of regional products are sold such as vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, poultry, and cheese.

There are also markets where second-hand items are sold. There may be signs along the road with any of the following announcements:

  • Brocantes: Markets for second-hand household items, bric-a-brac instead of antiques. Often have interesting local items.
  • Puces: Flea markets - often at fixed times and places.
  • Vide-greniers: Vide-grenier means "empty attic". The idea is that everyone in a village sells their redundant stuff from their house to their 'neighbours' and anyone who is interested.

Overview of local markets

Below you can see an overview of the local markets in the area. The list is not complete and may change. If necessary, ask the administrator for the latest information. If you come across a nice market somewhere in the area that has not been mentioned or if the days on which a market is held changes, we would like you to pass this on to us.

  • Sunday – Abondance
  • Monday – Thonon-les-Bains, Cluses
  • Tuesday – Évian-les-Bains,
  • Wednesday – Châtel, Morzine, Samoëns, Morillon
  • Thursday – Les Gets, Lullin, Tanninges, Thonon-les-Bains
  • Friday – La Chapelle d'Abondance, Évian-les-Bains, Morillon, Châtillon-sur-Cluses
  • Saturday – La Vernaz, Larringes, Publier, Onnion
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