Ice circuit in Abondance with an Alpine or Porsche

Need some extra adrenaline during your holiday in Abondance? Expert Pilot offers driving lessons on an ice circuit. Which car do you choose: the Alpine A110 or the Porsche Cayman or do you prefer to go with your own car?

Expert Pilot in Abondance

At Circuit Glace Abondance, various courses are offered to improve your riding techniques on the ice and in the snow. A car reacts very differently to a slippery road surface and often goes in a different direction than you want. You can now practice your driving skills on ice, in complete safety and without all kinds of obstacles. Instructors give explanations and tips correct the reactions of your car on the ice. When should you brake, and how? Or should you use the handbrake? And how do you go through a 90-degree turn or a hairpin bend? Of course, the goal of the course is to give you an adrenaline rush, but it also aims to teach you to drive with a safer feeling on slippery roads.

Various courses

3 courses are offered at the circuit:

  • Getting Started – This course is an introductory course for those driving on ice for the first time and takes around 1.5 hours. You will learn to brake on slippery roads, take safe turns and learn to control drift on ice. This course is given in a group with max. 3 persons per car.
  • Experienced ice driver - In this 3-hour course you will learn to drive even better on ice. By practicing a lot you will master the technique of keeping the car under control on ice. After completing this course, you can call yourself an experienced ice driver.
  • Private lesson – Would you rather have one-on-one lessons from an instructor? This intensive one-hour course teaches you the necessary techniques you will need if you ever find yourself on a slippery road surface.

If you are on holiday in Portes du Soleil during the winter and would like to spend an afternoon doing something other than skiing, we recommend you go driving on ice.

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