Parc de la Vallée, a theme park perfect for the whole family

Families often enjoy going to amusement parks for a day during the holidays. You’ll have the possibility to do so in the vicinity of your holiday home. Parc de la Vallée in Massais is an ideal destination for children, teenagers, parents and the elderly. You can easily enjoy yourself here for the whole day.

The park is located in a wooded area and is spacious. There are wide hiking trails from one attraction to another. The attractions are suitable for all ages: younger children to teenagers of about 16 years old. There are simple rides and proper attractions. The park is open during the high season.

The excitement and thrills of a roller coaster

Every amusement park should most definitely have a roller coaster or two. Parc de la Vallée has two rollercoasters, one for young children and one for the older youth:

  • Bobsleigh: Take a seat in one of the carts and fasten the seat belts. You will be pulled to the highest point of the roller coaster and then proceed to fly down at high speeds. The bobsleigh track has all kinds of twists and turns after which you will arrive at the bottom.
  • Magic Pomme Vallée: there is a roller coaster in the shape of a caterpillar for the younger children. This ride goes a lot slower which makes it less scary for small children.

Playground and other entertainment

In Parc de la Vallée there are also several other attractions:

  • The park has numerous slides which you can slide down on a burlap bag
  • There are also trampolines
  • La Tyrolienne is a cable car which brings you up the mountain to a decent altitude
  • A mini train runs across the park.

Water attractions in Parc de la Vallée

The water attractions are very popular during hot summer days. The water attractions are great for cooling off, so be sure to bring your swimsuits.

  • Bouées aquatiques: small motorboats with a rubber band around them.
  • Take a dip in the pool. The pool has rocks you can climb onto and then slide off.
  • Try one of the water slides. Will you be going straight down at great speeds or take all kinds of bends?
  • Nautic jet: you are launched at 40 km/h a in a small boat and then end up in the water with a splash.

Attractions for those with Nerves of steel

Do you have nerves of steel and are you not afraid when adrenaline races through your body? Then you need to try the following attractions:

  • Le Bateau pirate: Take a seat in a big pirate ship. Like a swing, the boat goes back and forth. It will feel like you nearly fall out, but then the boat goes down again the other way.
  • Les Chaudrons: the cup and saucers of the park. Sit together in a large cup and saucer and let yourself be pulled from left to right and from front to back at great speed.
  • Le Grand Canyon: Carts on a rail race down from quite a height and then go up again. Then the carts go back to the beginning and the cycle happens again.
  • Autos tamponneuses: get into the bumper cars and try to bump each other.
  • Mini roue: the merry-go-round that goes up and then turns down.
  • Tour panoramique: you’ll sit in a seat attached to a pole and pull yourself up by rope to a height of 10metres..
Parc de la Vallée 6 Frankrijk vakantie attractiepark Forges deux sevres.jpg

For the young children

There are also attractions for small children:

  • Mini jet: a fun merry-go-round. Occasionally goes up a bit, but certainly not scary for small children.
  • Les tacots: fun cars drive around on a track, the children can steer their own car.
  • Pous – pous: a merry-go-round which only rotates horizontally.
  • Les lapins: a trail which has been set out to bring you to where rabbits live.
  • Carousel: a merry-go-round with horses.

Attractions for the little ones

Especially for babies and toddlers, the park has the following attractions:

  • Ball pit: A pit full of plastic balls where children can play and throw balls.
  • A small climbing frame with a slide.
  • A small train for small children.


The reviews are good:

  • Nice park for the kids
  • Bring your swimsuit!
  • Had a wonderful day with our family.
  • Price – quality ratio is good
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